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I was surfing the web and came across this post. These are 10 rules for the aspiring PUA. I think it was a great post.

10 Rules for the PUA by Magneto

Rule 1: Know the Process

Approach, Fluff, Values Elicit, Kino & Mirroring, Patterns, # or *
You must initate each stage. This is critical.
REMEMBER rapport isnt a trance or a “score” in itself, rapport is
making someone feel like they know you well enough to really like,
trust and feel comfortable with you, yet not feel like they know you
well enough to tell you NO or resist you in any way for fear of
crossing some “unknown line” that you’ll never forgive them for.

Rule 2: Identify the Chick Mentality

There are only 3 kinds of chick:
Easy Lays – fast sex as long as you’re not too romantic or emotional.
Just get to the point and be ultra confident. Don’t beat round the
bush, they’ll get bored. Chicks want to be taken” but they will never
verbalize this because that would make them feel like a slut.
According to chick-logic, passive non-resistance is not a slut thing.
They were taken by a bold man who knew what he wanted and knew how to
get it. They LIKE the thought of that a lot.
Girlfriend Material – will require emotional, romantic, patterny,
connection talk.
Pivot Chick – chicks to hang out with in order to attract other
chicks. Be yourself, be open, be free with them and have fun.

Rule 3: Don’t Give a Damn

Never cock block yourself – take all the crazy ideas about feeling
weird and worrying about what people will think and forget them. It
is your right as a man to crave, pursue and enjoy females. Have a
‘don’t-give-a-shit’ attitude. Make a move. When talking to women no
longer intimidates you, something special will happen. You will find
yourself having non-threatening conversations with beautiful women all
the time, and better yet, those conversations will naturally turn into
seduction mode even without a conscious effort on your part. And once
you stop thinking about seduction, you will find yourself just doing
it. You will begin to see the change in women’s behavior towards you.

Rule 4: Think For Yourself

Don’t care what she’s thinking. That doesn’t mean don’t try to
understand women in general, it means don’t care what a specific chick
is thinking at any specific time. If you do, you’ll be thinking for
two people while she may very well be thinking for nobody. Let it go.
What you may be thinking what’s on her mind is ONLY what you think is
going on, most likely totally wrong anyway. You’ll end up with less
worries, have twice the brainpower available for yourself, and will
come across as more direct and powerful. Avoid ‘one-itis’ and
over-analysing one chick if you want to stay in the game».

Rule 5: Approach With Confidence

Don’t think chicks don’t want to be approached. You’re not ‘bothering’
them by starting a convo. They’ll see you as a real man who knows what
he wants and goes for it unlike the rest of the loser blokes standing
around staring at their drinks. When seeing a girl you’d like to
approach, don’t even try to “feel confident”. Instead, think: “See
that girl? I am the perfect experience for her!”. Forget the term
“confidence” altogether, just concentrate on feeling good and natural
(about approaching, propelling her to new heights of pleasure with
your patterns, having kino etc) and before you know it – “confident”
is how you’ll be perceived by women:) The Alpha/Dominant Male knows
he’s fun to be with and that people like to be with him. Being seen as
someone others want to be around can propel your desirability

Rule 6: Avoid Timid Uncertain Behaviour

When sarging, always look like ‘you be getting some’, never needy or
desperate. Remember you’re the big scary bear with long sharp claws
and teeth and she’s just a little bunny. Kill the bunny! Anchor.
Remember the 200-foot-high feeling, associate it with success-with-PU,
and anchor it. Recall it, anchor it firmly to your thigh, hold it
there for all time, use it.

Rule 7: Slow Right Down

Humor & confidence in a relaxed way is the most important factor to
sucess. Never get stressed out, discombobulated or worried that things
aren’t going right or perfect. Slow calm powerful manner. Never seem
phased and always look happy.

Rule 8: Make a Connection

Emotions, emotions, emotions. Get to those emotions. Don’t hinge on
boring topics like work, her background or her past relationships.
Ask her what moves her! Find out what she looks for in a guy and then
become that guy. Then feed her patterns related to her values – like
being spontaneous, meeting someone and knowing you’ll see them more,
getting wrapped up in something you love, or being shy and not letting
the opportunity pass.

Rule 9: Get to Like Rejection

Rejection is a good thing, not a bad thing. The more you get
rejected, the more you will get laid. You learn something every time.
If a woman rejects you it just shows how stupid she is. Your gain,
her loss. You must, I repeat, must be able to accept/be prepared for
rejection and being blown out. You must not care about this in the

Rule 10: Take a Break

You Don’t Have to Be Sarging All The Time. Recharge from being “up and
friendly” all the time. Not all sarging has to be “game show host”
uppity happy-go-lucky sarging. “Whatever, I’m gonna go over there”
sarging can work too. That’s a good time to try wacky and
off-the-wall approaches/techniques because you really don’t give a

Useful Enthusiasm-Building Quotes:
‘You can waste an awful lot of time waiting for life to start.’
‘A man who takes no risks pays a very dear price indeed.’
‘Losers always whine about their best… Winners go home and fuck the
prom queen.’
‘Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the
trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’
‘Don’t hesitate – hesitation allows your fears to surface.’
‘That man that hath a tongue, I say, is no man, if with his tongue he
cannot win a woman.’
‘There are defining moments in life. Either you define them, or they
will define you.’
‘I am the author of myself.’
‘Don’t procrastinate – if you’re always saying “We’ll see,” nothing
ever happens.’
‘Getting chicks can be stressful, but it’s positive stress’


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