What to Do if She Has a Boyfriend

Here is something that the great PUA Rio (not me) wrote awhile back on handling women with boyfriends. Boyfriends really can be a pain in the ass can’t they?

How To Handle If She Has a Boyfriend by Rio

I’ve messed around with boyfriend handling enough to have come to this
concrete conclusion:

If she has a boyfriend or no doesn’t matter at all. What you do need to
remember is that if he is mentioned, that you humbly accept the fact that
she has a boyfriend, and get her talking about it. If you appear as if you
are trying to jump her boyfriend, or obviously attempt to destroy him by
talking shit about the boyfriend in an arrogant way (e.g So where is he now?
He’s ignored you, right?), she will spot it and you will fuck your sarge up.

Ask about the boyfriend in an honest way and and about her “intimate time
with him”. If she has any issues with this, she will say something negative
about him. If she gets into “My boyfriend has some bad habits”, run with it
and you are halfway there to removing him from the picture.

If she says good things about the boyfriend, run with it, take notes, and
link all her good feelings with the BF to yourself. You can even go further
with this by over complimenting him, making him sound like the greatest guy
in the world (linking it all to yourself again). If you’ve given the guy
something WAY too high for him to live up to in her mind, she’ll let you
know – and then she’ll bring up some bad things about him, which you run

BUT, if she is REALLY happy with the boyfriend, and it seems like she is so
happy that she has no problems with him whatsoever, your last resort is to
sling: “So, when are you getting married?” into the fray.

If that doesn’t break the boyfriend up in her mind, NOTHING will!

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