Nailing Women Under 25 (for guys over 40)

Ross Jeffries speech for women under 25I don’t know how many of my readers are over 40 but I definately know they are out there as I get messaged a lot from older guys on Myspace and here at the Bible. This is something that Ross Jeffries wrote and thought it would be good for you guys out there looking to score with younger women.

How To Sleep With Younger Women by Ross Jeffries

One of my students on the SS list, who is 48, requested some good tips
and strategies on nailing women under 25.

Some cues:

1. Get yourself in a VERY playful, let’s go fuck with ’em mindset.
Invoke Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, etc.

2. Get an approach that allows you to present yourself as someone with
mystical knowledge, special abilities, someone who can teach them
something VERY valuable about themselves. .

3. Comment/observe/question. rather than compliment. Comment/observe on
their energy, how they carry themselves….

4. Give them a compelling reason to want to talk with you then and their
or meet later and make sure you make it clear your time is scarce.

5. Fractionate the crap out of them and make sure they ratify they are
enjoy themselves

6. Make sure you connect the dots for them and get ready to do ALL the
work. Younger women will seldom call you, in the beginning, even if they
DO like you! Most of them, in the beginning, won’t even call guys THEIR

7. Test early to see how open they are to physical touch; non-sexual at
first. Run from the ones who don’t strongly and positively enjoy it.
You want a highly suggestible, very sexual young lady.

8. Incorporate challenges to her; does she have her own mind or does she
need to do what her friends tell her she should? T

9. Be EXTREMELY careful about what you do with them over the phone,
PRIOR to banging them. You can phone sarge like nuts ONCE you’ve nailed
them, but younger ones WILL get scared and run if you phone sarge them
too much BEFORE you nail them.

10. Be calmly ready for flakiness, both as a test of you and also,
because they are just flakey with EVERYONE, even their female friends!
Young women often have very turmoil-filled lives, and often it is NOT
about you. If/when they flake/don’t show up, just calmly point out that
you don’t know whether they are letting hesistation or something in
their environment interrupt their own opportunities, but you THOUGHT
they were stronger than that..oh well…maybe see you around.

11. Never, NEVER ask the younger ones out “on a date”. You shouldn’t be
doing this anyway with any age group, but young ones…asking them to
dinner, etc…NO NO NO! Offer to meet them somewhere, hang out a bit
so you can show them this cool thing they must them for
coffee, use Riker’s methods for getting them to your place FIRST before
you go somewhere else, but NEVER ask them to dinner or do “dating”

12. Once you are ready to close physically, be strong and unhesitant
about it. Show her you are in the lead and in control. And for God’s
sake, once you get her alone and can close the deal, DO it. If you let
her slide that first time, after say only eating her out or getting a
BJ, dont’ assume you will ever see her again! Her old programming WILL
assert itself!


I want to emphasize this for all guys reading; MUCH of young women’s
flakiness is about simply being out of control of their lives, and they
don’t get that this isn’t a good way to do things, or they just don’t
have the means to get more in control Why should they? There’s always
another offer just around the corner, especially when they are hot.
Hell, when they are hot, someone is always willing to buy them, rescue
them, etc. so why SHOULD they have to learn a better way?

Most of them who are flakey are just scattered, not testing, cunty,
mean or evil. They have bad organization strategies, poor
time-management, poor self-discipline(except when it comes to putting on
their make-up), families out of control. Trust me…I know this.

Now, SOME are testing, cunty, evil and mean, but really what it is is a
irresponsible use of the power their beauty gives them. They are angry
at Dad, Mom, the world and using the power to take it out on others.
Angry at getting som much attention but STILL being unhappy. Angry at
early child-hood abuse. Angry at lots of things.

Avoid these girls like the plague…if there is a deep anger under the
beauty(not initial caution or fear, but ANGER) then run like hell! RUN
RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN! Only a guy who is more unhappy and ANGRIER
than they are will really serve their twisted needs. Don’t make yourself
that way for the “prize” that is really a punishment.

Now..most of the other testing behavior is just hesitation; uncertainty
about stepping into something they find unfamiliar. And hesitation
about doling out what little spare time they have to what may not be
something they really like or enjoy; after all, it is unfamiliar to
them, yes? I took a big step forward when I finally realized this and
incorporated it into every bit of my approach with them. So you have to
give them a taste, have them imagine having MORE, and make it compelling
and scarce.

An analogy to help: You are a very busy traveller. You fly out of
town twice a week, have lots to pull at your attention. Whenever you fly
a major city, you always eat at a fabulous Steak house that has
restaurants in most cities you go to.

Pretty good service, though occasionally you get bored and want
something else. But you know all the staff, feel at home.

While on the flight, someone sitting next to you mentions they have a
restaurant in the town you are going to. It’s a little out of the way
from your hotel, a different kind of food than what you are used
to…..he gives you a card and invites you to come in.

What are the odds you will actually go? Hmm?

Now, suppose we change things a bit. Instead of just inviting you with
a card, as you are staring at your airplane food you notice he doesn’t
have a meal. He notices you noticing and says, “Hmm..” He picks up your
tray and says, “Put this aside a moment”. Then gets out of his seat,
reaches to the overhead bin, and pulls out a tupper-ware container.

He opens it up, and the scent of something steaming hot and delicious
assaults your nostrils….

It’s an incredible dish..exotic and inviting….instead of putting the
whole thing down in front of you, he puts it down in front of him, and
says, “This is from our restaurant”..

He dishes out his food in front of him, sets a little bowl in front of
you, and spoons some into it for you. He tells you not to rush…and the
first few bites are just heaven.

Now, he says, “Normally, on a weekend like this, we’re booked up by
Wed, but do come in and present this card..ask for me, and I will
personally seat you at your own table, right by the window..if you’d
like to bring a guest or two, just call and use my name, and let us know
in advance. Sat, we have a very special menu I know you’re going to
like. Since I know the restaurant is a bit far from your hotel, I know
a limo service that actually costs the same as a cab…so when you call
for your reservation, just let me know what time to have them pick you
up and we’ll take care of that too!”

Now..which is more likely to get you to come in? The guy took the
lead, took away what you are used to, teased you with a taste, had you
imagine coming in and having the greatest time, and NEVER asked you to
come in once, did he? He just assumed it in a way that made you hungry
for more, because he’d already given you a small taste!


Major Differences:

If the women you want are under 25:

*Use observation/compliment/questions instead of direct

*Offer to show them something of perceived high-value and present
yourself as scarce. Try to give them a small taste, right at the initial

*CAUTION when phone sarging young ones BEFORE YOU HAVE NAILED THEM

*Don’t expect them to do ANY of the work; they usually will not, even
when they are sincere in the moment they promise too! It’s just too out
of the ordinary for them.

*Challenge her to prove she is adventurous, has her own mind, doesn’t
need approval, is strong enough to see and grasp an opportunity.

*With the ones over 25, generally you CAN do some more phone sarging,
expect them to do some of the work, do less dot connection, etc. etc.


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