How Older Guys Can Seduce Younger Girls

Getting Your Groove On With Younger Hotties

Many of the world?s most beautiful women are in their late teens or early twenties.

Women of this age are usually the most enjoyable to date too. They?re fun and fancy-free. They?ve not yet been battle-hardened by heartbreak or a serious career. They?re not in a mad rush for marriage and kids. Plus, they?ll probably still be just as beautiful in a decade?s time. ??

Yet, so many great men won?t even bother to approach these women because they think they?re ?too old?.

They tell themselves she won?t want an older gentleman hanging out with her and her friends. They?re worried they?ll look like a pervert if they even try.

I used to have these same fears. They?d stop me going for the women I actually wanted.

Ultimately though, I realised that these fears (like most fears) were all in my head.

Older men are sexy

I turned 30 this year, but I look way older. I?m bald with huge bags under my eyes and more crow?s feet than I?d care to talk about. I?ve had girls reject me because I look like their dad.

These experiences signalled to me that young women want to date someone their own age. Their ideal man would have a boyish face, undeveloped body and chin pubes. ?

Luckily, I?ve since learned this isn?t what women are after at all.

More important is that their man is fun, interesting, successful, self-assured, strong-willed etc.

Being good-looking helps, but not every woman wants their man looking like the lost One Direction member. ?People Magazine?s last three ?Sexiest Man Of The Year? winners are David Beckham, Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson, Blake Shelton. All in their 40s. Many other Hollywood heartthrobs (Depp, Pitt, Clooney et al) are even older.

If you can stay in shape, fix your fashion and earn some success, you?re good to go. In fact, when it comes to the sexual marketplace, you?re probably in your prime. At what other age will you be more intelligent, confident, charismatic? When will you be in a better position to take care of a beautiful woman? ?

It makes sense that you go for the women in their late teens and early 20s now. They?re in their sexual prime too. You should actually be getting more of these girls than ever before.

What you?re probably doing wrong

If you?re not getting these amazing women, you probably have the same problem as I had.

I?d approach them feeling worried about being creepy. They?d sense that and be creeped out. Women are super-attuned to the sub-communications expressed through body language, voice tonality etc. Whatever you feel, she feels. ?

If you come across a bit unsure of yourself, she?ll feel uncomfortable and frolic into the arms of some 21-year-old frat-boy instead. At least he?s sure he wants her?

Once you?re composed enough for her to stick around, she may still throw some shit tests to check you?re comfortable with the age difference.

?You?re old enough to be my dad.?

?What are you doing talking to 21-year-olds??

The best way to deal with these accusations is to twist them back onto her.

?Yeah, it seemed like you might have more about you than the typical 20-something. I wanted to find out.?

However, once you?re totally unfazed by the age difference, it?s likely she will be too. Whatever you feel, she feels. If she is insecure about anything, it?s probably being TOO YOUNG for a great guy like you. Either way, she probably won?t bring the age gap up.

Whatever your demographic is, there will always be some chicks who aren?t feeling it. You can?t control that. What you can control is how you step up to them. So, it?s time to start approaching these younger women like you deserve them.

Make sure you?re a man in his prime

You can throw all of this advice out the window if you?re not a man in his prime.

Being old is not what makes you attractive, it?s the attributes that an old man should have. Groundedness, assuredness, success, interesting stories etc.

If you?re a 40-year-old who is boring, immature, insecure and unsuccessful, it?s not your age that is the problem. Work on your personality before it?s too late. There are no grade-A stunners once you?re in the old people?s home. ?

If you do have your shit together, start realising that and go for the women you really want.

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