Being Spontaneous

Bad boy shows you how to be spontaneousAs you all know by now, I am a huge fan of BadBoy and am really looking forward to reviewing his e-book for all of you. Below is an email I recieved from him about about the importance of being spontaneous. I could not agree more!!!

Be Spontaneous With Women by Badboy

Being spontaneous is key. When you learn to become spontaneous with girls, you are unpredictable as well. Most other PUAs are sticking to some kind method or set of routines. If you ask me I hate routines, I hate doing things I already did. Its boring and eventually you will get tired of repeating yourself and girls will pick up on it. When you learn to be spontaneous, every set is something new and girls can never tell what is coming next and will want to be around you to see more.

Plus, no amount of routines can prepare you for the infinite number of variables that you can encounter. These routine guys, when they get hit with something new, they get stuck. Or they run out of lines to say. Learn to improvise and be spontaneous and nothing can stop your game. No barrier cant be overcome.

That’s why we spend so much time developing improvisational skills as applied to pickup in my workshops. Even if you think you aren’t good at it, with a push in the right direction, EVERYONE, is capable of being spontaneous and interesting. The tools are already inside you. I will also teach you some ways to develop this skill in my upcoming ebook which will be out in January.

Last week, while clubbing, someone introduced me to some girls. Of course, the second after my target said her name, I forgot it. I am very bad at this. I think we all are, and its something we should all work on. We talked a bit (10-15min) about her and my hobbies. After a while, for some reason (my stupidity) I asked for her name again. I totally forgot she said it.

Of course, she was pissed. It was one of those moments where you lose the girl or you pull something crazy and you score..

Her: I cant believe you forgot my name.
Me: Wait a second, dont tell me We know each other from somewhere?
Her: Yes (still pissed)
Me: hmmmm….hmmmm..(Me in thinking pose, trying to figure out where I know her from)
Me: OMG… (shocked) We were together in past life?
Her: Yes (with a smile on her face)
Me: You look so much better in this life…I still cant believe we used to be frogs in our past life.. I still remember when we used to make love all night long on our water-lily.
Her: (smile)
Me: OMG, I missed you sooo much… (hug her)

We talked more, then she went to the bathroom to the dance floor. Thats a very awkward moment, as you are in a position where you are waiting for her to come back to you. I dont wait around for girls, but I didnt want to cut her loose yet so I went to the dance floor and said to her:

You know what, I want to see you in a future life, actually I want to make love with again in a future life, but in order to see you, write down your number, so I’ll call you somewhere in this life.

She typed her number in my cell phone and gave it back to me Now again, I forgot her name  I cant ask, so in those cases, I usually nick name them. Make up some silly\sexy nickname that you both will remember: Now we need to nickname you…hmmm…’Sexy Frog Girl And type that into your phone. That works best in situations where you feel stupid asking for the name again.


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