A lonely Jew on Christmas

A lonely jew on christmasWell its Christmas Eve and this was one of those years when I thought I had plans with my girlfriend, but unfortunately things took a strange direction.

My business partner invites me to go out with him in NYC for the night. He has a lot of connections at the clubs and I havent been out to a place like that in a while so I figure why not. My girl is working so I let her know that Ill be hanging out with my boy when I drop her off.

Another friend of mine and I head over to NY and hit a few local bars to pregame before hitting the club. Things are going well, I am having a good time and maybe drinking a little too much J by the time I get to the club I am retarded. We get waved in and I head to the table that was reserved for us. From there on the night is a blur. I end up back at my place and pass out on the couch.

The next morning…

I wake up with the worst cotton mouth ever, I feel like my throat had a hair dryer on it all night. Barely able to move I grab my phone. Like 8 missed txt messages. Hello Babe? Hello wtf? and so on. progressively getting worse.

I fuc*ing hate txt messages and how girls these days are addicted to using it. I dont understand how one could expect to get their point across from a txt message. No emotion or tone of voice so I really try not to use it a lot.****

She is acting as if I just went out and ignored all of her calls and txt messages. Like she doesnt get smashed ever?? Jeez. So now I call her, no answer. An immediate txt message back though. Cant talk now Im busy, ttyl What the hell? So I call again because this is just weird. No answer Whatever

Then the fucing txt message marathon begins. All day txting about some stupid issue that could probably have been resolved with one 20 min phone call. So after all this, she does not want to see me, I ruined Christmas, of course the Jew ruins Christmas. I couldnt or wouldnt pick up the phone so she says, I must have been having an orgy because every time I cant reach someone their having an orgy.

So now I am here on Christmas Eve with my plans ruined. Its 8:45 PM, time to figure something else out.

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