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If you have seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite then you must have herd this saying. Such a funny line but also true. And it’s not just skills, its ambition and goals in life. What has also been referred to as “Inner Game” by the infamous [tag]Tucker Max [/tag]author of “I hope they serve beer in hell” (Slightly modified for me would sound more like “I hope someone grows pot in hell”) 🙂

Oh how true it is, I can’t tell you how many times a girl has asked me if I had my sh*t together when we met. On first dates! “Be honest with me cause it’s cool if you don’t, but do you really have your sh*t together?”… Funny that all guys answer yes but I feel most under 28 don’t. Not just a weekly job, but other goals in life. Weekend warrior should not be your goal. Success is something that will span across all parts of your life.

I once read, if you get good at business, it doesnt matter about the idea or product so much as it does having a good plan and being flexible. Roll with the punches. Sounds a little like a routine right? Or a set of magic tricks chained together. Or a great marketing plan. Or sick plans for New Years. IT DOES NOT MATTER! It is all connected to the way of thinking. How come most successful guys date beautiful women? Because they wanted to and went and found one. Persistence…with class..and patience. Don’t force it, there are plenty of choices.

Read Think and Grow Rich – aka The Science of Personal Achievement

This book ensures success if you follow it. I mean it! Funny thing is it can be applied to any area of your life and has almost nothing to do with money! I can link concepts in every success book I have read back to the basic principles contained within. To this day I have read it about 5 times and constantly reference it when faced with dilemmas.

Being a MAN is not so much about getting laid as it is about having the total package. The girls follow success, they drink ambition and so should you! It wasn’t until I had a grasp and direction in life that my love/sex life fell into place.

I hear people saying, “wow, he got lucky” or “right place, right time” and I have grown to realize that this is a bunch of bullsh*t excuses made by lazy people with little or no ambition. The people who get lucky in life are the ones who are always trying to get lucky. If I am constantly trying to be in the right place at the right time, eventually, I’ll fuc*in be there!

The moral of this post, it’s all in your Head! (the one on your shoulders)

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