Managing Long Term Relationships

Here is a newsletter I recieved from Badboy. It has to do with long term relationships and how not to get burned by being in one. Well said, BadBoy!! Check out his ebook!

Managing Long Term Relationships by Badboy

For some reason, you can lose your game if you stay with one girl too long.

I know lot of good players, guys who slept with 50-60 chicks a year, who had one relationship destroy them. It’s something you cannot believe when you see it. Guys who were successful with woman, settle down for a while, and then can’t seduce any girls at all when they are single again. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a long-term relationship with a girl you love. I like to stay monogamous sometimes. But this is an issue that many of us have noticed. Whenever I have broken up with a girl (from a relationship longer then a year), I feel like I am starting from scratch. NO calibration skills. Dont know what to say. When to say it. What to think

Usually it takes a few months to get back on track. NO ONE is immune from this. It happened to me twice in my life and it will likely happen to you at some point. I just want to make sure you are aware of this issue so you know what to do when it happens.

Lets analyze what happens:

You get into a relationship, love the girl, everything is perfect Usually in the first few months, everything is smooth and interesting, you are exciting and unpredictable — she falls in love. Then, over time, you become more and more predictable (the relationship becomes a routine) and you are start becoming nicer and nicer towards her as you get comfortable. You are receiving a LOT of exposure to female hormones and her cutesy emotions. These emotions will change you. They will make you nice. Its biological. Thats how badboys and jerks get turned into nice guys.

Then you break up You start gaming other girls, but you are not calibrated, you are too nice, too placating, too respectful; all those things that keep you from getting laid.

How to prevent this? First, make sure that even if you are in relationship, you still game other girls. You dont have to fuck them, but make sure that you can still get attraction from other girls and that you ALWAYS have the option to fuck someone else. Knowing that you can fuck another girl at any time will give you power in the relationship you are in. You will never feel desperate or put yourself in a low power position because you are afraid of being lonely. Second, make sure you don not become a fucking woman. Keep doing things that feed your masculine side. Dont become a weak pussywhipped mess who comes home and cooks and makes baby talk with his girlfriend every night. You can do that some of the time, but make sure that you and your girlfriend still know that you are always a MAN. A dominant man, who gets what he wants. Play sports, gamble, party with your friends, make money, drive a motorcycle, workout Dont just do just couple things and what she wants.

A great thing about relationships is that other girls see you as taken (forbidden fruit) and they want to be with you. Youve probably noticed how they give you Indicators of Interest when you are with your girlfriend Thats because girls want what other girls have instinctively. This can open a lot of easy opportunities.

I talk a lot more on how to properly keep girls around, break up with them and manage multiple relationships at the same time in the upcoming Badboy Lifestyle ebook that will be out in January. Id recommend that you check it out if you want to learn more about this.



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