“Are You a Player?”

Badboy is direct in his approach to the game. And I love it. Below is how he answers the female’s famous question, “Are you a player?” To learn Badboy’s Direct Game check out his ebook.

When a girl asks “Are You a Player” by Badboy

At some point, if a girl likes you and feels like you've said and done everything perfectly, she may get worried that you are too good with women and that you are a player.

So, what should you say if she asks if you're a player? Tell her that you are a victim of your desires. That you love women. That you are drawn to her and you can't help being honest and open about your feelings towards her. And that you will never hurt her intentionally. In other words, admit it.

You must say that you want her, that you desire her. Not just because she's another girl, another notch in your belt, but because of her uniqueness. She must feel special. But don't go overboard and sound desperate for her. She should feel like you want her but you don’t need her. You are choosing her. If she feels this connection is real, she will take up the challenge and get involved with you. Every girl wants to be the one to domesticate the master player. To be the one who cures him of his womanizing ways (Of course, if she accomplishes this and totally transforms you into her nice guy she will stop being attracted, but that's another story and something she's not even aware of consciously.)

So, you are basically saying “Yes, I see many girls. Yes, I fall in love often And I think you are wonderful. And I understand if you don’t want this with me. But if you do, I will take you higher than you have ever been…” Then continue on with the interaction and demonstrate that you are the alpha male who has tons of options with other women, but right now, because she is special, is choosing her.

Women are ambivalent about men who can get lots of women. They are irresistibly attracted towards them but are also afraid of getting hurt by them. If you can ease her fears, she will want you badly and will give herself to you even if you are a player.

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