Best Practices for Getting Her Out With You

Here is the 2nd part to a newsletter Sebastian of Master the Vibe recently sent out. His stuff is always worth reading! I really like his text message idea! – Bobby

Best Practices For Getting Her Out With You by Sebastian Drake


After you get a girl’s number, you’re going to want to take her

out. But calling and trying to set up a traditional date a few days

in advance is often a losing proposition when the girl flakes, and

you’re left… wondering.


Yesterday, we talked about social backup planning. Girls often

accept plans with a “yes” when they really mean “if it’s the best

thing going on at the time, then yes” – guys who are used to

honoring their commitments or have busy social lives often don’t

understand it.


Today, here’s a few techniques to short circuit the bidding

process. These are far superior to the held-over-from-1923 “give

her 3 days notice before a date because it’s gentlemanly” nonsense

that can prompt flaking.


Get her out:


1) The “something just got cancelled, where are you right now”?

2) “What a ridiculously fun night”

3) The Awesome Two Weeks Later Plan



1) Call her up, greet her, ask what’s up as normal, and then go on

with, “My [xxx] class just got cancelled, so I’ve got a few hours

free. Where are you right now?” Note the wording – “Where are you

right now?”, NOT “Are you free?” If you get where she is, you can

come to judgements about how free she is and where you two could

potentially go. After she lets you know where she’s at, go ahead

with, “Cool, I can come by there and we can hang for a bit.” If she

asks what you’re doing, either come up with a plan, or let her know

something along the lines of: “The company is more important than

the event – we’ll hang, chat, have a good time… we can grab

coffee or food or whatever.”


This creates a sense of urgency. Note you should be in

communication at least in the last two weeks before you call her

abruptly… this works best if she perceives you as having a busy

schedule. I say outright, “I don’t have much random free time, but

I just freed up and would love to see you.” – of course, being busy

is hard to fake. Much better to actually be busy. Another

derivative – “I thought I’d be working late, but I had to come in

earlier and wrapped up earlier…” – the idea is that you’re

offering a spontaneous get-together, and there’s urgency on the

decision. If she’s in the middle of something pressing, she’ll tell

you when you ask where she is, or just not answer her phone.

Bidding process short-circuited.


2) Ever want a girl after clubs close on a weekend night? Of course

you have! Text this: “what a ridiculously fun night” in a mass text

to every girl in the local area that you regularly text. Whoever

texts back, “what did u do?” or something along those lines – you

immediately call. She’ll answer most of the time – now go ahead

with, “Wow! Tonight’s been a blast… I don’t want it to end. Where

you at right now?” After she says, say, “Cool, I’ll hop in a cab.

On my way. What a blast” – talk on the phone the entire drive or

cab ride if possible – you don’t want to get off the phone for this



The score: It can be social suicide to call girls at 03:00 and ask

what’s up and try to chat. It screams, “I didn’t get any” if she

doesn’t answer. Of course, if she does answer, you’re in… the

best of both worlds? The text. The girls awake and bored WILL text

back, and then you suck them into a whirlwind of fun. Tried,

tested, and theApproach approved.


3) And one of my personal favorites – plan a really, really cool,

really, really fun exclusive date for two weeks or more in advance.

Sound like the opposite of all the other advice you’ve gotten so

far? Check this out:


Plan something just utterly fantastic together, like going to an

awesome concert, or otherwise a completely amazing time. Then, call

her and chat with her in the weeks leading up to the date. One of

those calls, suggest doing something right then and there, or in

another day or two (but still significantly before the major

awesome event). There’s a very minimal chance of flaking when an

awesome event is planned in for the future. Where did this get

discovered? From talking with guys who took girls to “prom”, a

formal American dance in high school. It’s hyped that people sleep

together during prom, but that’s not what actually happens. Most

times, if the couple sleeps together the first time during “prom

season”, it’s because they went out to hang out and get to know

each other better BEFORE prom.


Now, I’m not going to say actually going to the awesome event is

optional after bedding her, but y’know…



Keep playin’,




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