Black Hole Theory

Below is Badboy’s Black Hole Theory. His ebook will be out March 1st. I highly recommend checking it out.

Black Hole Theory by Badboy

You’ve probably noticed that when you come home from a picking-up-girls session, you feel tired…extremly tired. Drained of energy.

Sometimes girls open up, and give you energy right away and you feel excellent. But that rarely happens. Their default mode in clubs is ‘vampire’ or ‘energy sucker’ mode. They become used to taking energy from guys, and not spending any.

The guy needs to do everything; approach her, tell her stories, maintain high positive energy, entertain her and her friends, etc… And she mostly just smiles at your stories and plays with her hair.

Its a very grueling sport. It takes lots of energy. That’s why you need to be in good shape. That’s why you need to work out regularly. That’s why you shouldn’t drink too much. Energy needs to be cultivated. If you sit in front of a computer all day long, you aren’t going to have energy when you go out. Be active and stay sharp.

The best way to visualize it is like this: She is black hole. You need to feed black hole with your energy. And you don’t know when she will start responding by giving her energy back to you. It may happen after 5 minutes, it may happen after 5 hours. You never know. Sometimes they are just standing there, totally passive, and then after 1 hour all of sudden she jumps on you.

Usually they completely open up after sex. That’s the point where the relationship will be 50-50 or even more in YOUR favor.


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