Set Your Own Patterns

Just a little bit of motivational reading from Yates.

Set Your Own Rules by Yates

With St. Patty’s day coming up next month I am reminded of a distinct and timeless rule for victory in any area, and that rule is “Set Your Own Patterns”

In a fight, this would be breaking the rhythm and asserting your own tempo. It’s the same in a verbal
negotiation. It’s the same in all of life. Patterns are
essentially “territories.”

The Art of War tells us much about victory being assured when the terrain is controlled. In other words we call this “the home court advantage.”

When I see a holiday approaching, I hear the small talk “what are you doing for Labor Day?” etc etc, and I notice that ‘everybody’ is doing what ‘everybody else is doing.’ They’re following a pattern. They’re following convention. They’re following tradition.

Even at a young age, I always felt differently about such things. Running with the crowd and going “whoop! whoop!” just because it was St. Patrick’s Day, or just because it was some other holiday didn’t make sense to me. I had my own plans.

And most folks didn’t have a clue what the true historical meaning of these holidays were really about anyway. It was just an excuse to “party” or go along with what everybody else is doing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the grinch. I love the spirit of Christmas, Thanksgiving and other fun Holidays that gives us a little time off to kick back and enjoy our family and friends.

But “just going along because that’s what we always do” is something herds of sheep and cows do. That’s not intentional living by design, it’s living by default.

And when you live by default, rather than design, you end up broke, weak and unhappy. Or worse – fat, dumb and happy.

By staying self-contained and in your center, you can delightfully smile as others squirm in shock when they see you are not bound by the constraints of the norm.

“Setting Your Own Pattern” is the warrior’s deadliest secret. Once you know how to recognize patterns and instantly break them and assert your own, you’ll constantly snatch victory from seemingly impossible odds.

The more you do this, you gain momentum and flow, and you’ll be amazed at how effortless life becomes.

Men will envy you. Women will want to know more
about you. Women will want your attention.

Why? Because you have become a leader. A leader doesn’t follow. A leader has an energy, a tempo, a pattern that is clearly one of his own making.


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