Get a Nanny

Here is a quick read. Its actually an email that Style sent out to the members of his Style life challenge.

Get a Nanny

With the Stylelife Academy in session, things are changing, lives are
improving, and this community we’ve started here is just going to keep
getting better and better.

For those of you who didn’t make it into the Academy for whatever
reason, I have read your emails. At least 300 of them. Empassioned,
understanding, angry, dedicated, disappointed, excited, frustrated,

They’ve spanned the gamut of emotions and bribes. And, in response,
I’m working on a solution for you, so make sure you read the PS below.

But don’t skip down just YET. Otherwise, you’re going to miss out.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my Stylelife coaches.

He’s a gentleman from the San Francisco environs by the name of Don
Diego Garcia, and I love him dearly because he thinks outside of the

He doesn’t just take common community wisdom for granted and as
gospel. He is constantly thinking of new ideas, new distinctions, new
ways to look at attraction, seduction, and relationships.

I brought him onboard though not just because he was a great coach
with original ideas, not just because he was able to talk to me for an
entire meal about hand gestures, not just because he’s literally
fearless in the field, not just because he proved he could get four
number closes an hour in front of his workshop students, but because
he is a good person with one of the biggest hearts around.

I’m going to give you an example to illustrate just what I mean about Diego.

To inspire his game, he read a book I never would have thought had
applications to what we do here: Nanny 911: Expert Advice for All Your
Parenting Emergencies by Deborah Carroll and Stella Reid.

Before you laugh, read what he has to say about it below…

Who’s Your Daddy?

By Don Diego Garcia

When your partner acts like a child, you need to act like a parent.
It’s amazing how most of the parenting commandments taught by the
television series Nanny 911 can be applied to your dating life:

1. Be Consistent
No means no. Yes means yes.

2. Actions Have Consequences
Good behavior is rewarded. Bad behavior comes with penalties.

3. Say What You Mean and Mean It
Think before you speak – or you’ll pay the price.

4. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep
If you tell your partner you’re going to Disneyland, better get ready
to pack your bag.

5. Listen to Your Partner
Acknowledge their feelings. Say “I understand” and “I am listening” –
then take the time to understand and take the time to listen.

6. Establish a Routine
Routines make people feel safe and give structure to their time.

7. Respect is a Two Way Street
If you don’t respect your partner, they are not going to respect you.

8. Positive Reinforcement Works Much Better Than Negative Reinforcement
 Praise, pleasure, and pride accomplish far more than nagging,
negatives, and nay-saying.

9. Manners Are Universal
 Good behavior goes everywhere.

10. Define Your Roles as Partners
It is not your job to keep your partner attached to you. It’s your
job to prepare them for your exciting future together – and let them
be who they are.

Thanks, Diego.

And thanks, guys, for helping to build a positive community dedicated
to growth, achievement, non-competitiveness, and self-improvement.


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