The Importance of Phone Rotations

I found this on the Asian Playboy’s blog and thougth that it was well worth reposting. I also recommend Phone Game Seduction for those interested in improving phone game.

Revolving door of pussy by the Asian Playboy

It’s important to keep a rotation of girls, whether they be numbers that you’ve taken to straight up fuckbuddies/girlfriends. Ultimately, it gives you the same advantages that attractive women of today have:

Choice – You always have the freedom of choice of who to call up and/or hang out with. Flakes will still occur, but you’re not limited to “The One.” The saddest thing any guy can do is sit around staring at his phone waiting for that one “special” girl to call him. [Puke]
Not Being Needy – Whoever you call, whomever you’re on a date with, you will naturally subcommunicate that while you enjoy their company, you don’t NEED what they got. You’re going to be busy with other girls and life in general. You’re not a doormat and your time is precious.
Backups – Girls flake. There are ways to eliminate flakiness, but sometimes REAL SHIT happens. For example, when I was on a date, her father calls up, someone in her family died, bawling ensues. End date. An extreme example to be sure, but it’s always nice to have the comfort that you only need to make a couple of phone calls to arrange for female companionship in case something happens.
Constant Opportunties – Sometimes I get calls from girls I’ve deleted. Sometimes I get bootycalls. Sometimes when I’m out with the boys or on a date. Someone always wants a little bit of the Asian Playboy. You’ll get invited to hang out, maybe meet other attractive women, go to cool parties, meet some potential business contacts, or start bumping uglies. Whatever, everytime I call them or they call me, it opens up an opportunity which then can open up to other opportunties.

Have Multiple Numbers
If you plan on being active in the Game (and- well- why else would you be reading my shit if you didn’t? I ain’t no fucking marriage counselor for Buddha’s sake), I suggest having an average of four potential phone numbers you can call. On Monday, I’m usually racking up those cell phone minutes and text messages talking to girls I recently closed that weekend or still working on setting something up.

My own stats on setting up dates from a cold approach, if you want to compare, is 1 out of 4 for a white girl and 1 out of 2 for a minority girl. Ergo, with four new numbers, you should plan on having AT LEAST one date per week. Your mileage may vary obviously. I almost ALWAYS have something lined up every week and many times much more since there will be some amount of slippage and flakeage no matter who hard we try to eliminate it. And when that happens, I’m never upset because I know there are other girls who want my attention.

When you call or text message, set something up if you can. Maybe you can’t, maybe you’re super busy or she is, chat, keep in contact, and see when your schedule clears. Then call up the next girl.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

I have no hard or fast rule on how long to talk to the girl. Use your gut and gauge her interest level in the conversation.

And don’t be afraid to spice it up with a little bit of sex… I love asking the question, “So… what are you wearing?” Gets a laugh and it gauges how willing she is to change the topic into something more sensual.

One thing I’ve noticed is that this has forced me to improve my verbal phone game when I’m spending hours on the phone with multiple girls. It’s always been a weak point of mine which is why I’ve always done a lot of text message game, but as my phone blows up, that zen energetic state I have out in the field is also coming more easily to me while I’m on the phone taking a shit on the toilet.

[Free Phone Game Tip: Call up a regular girlfriend of yours (platonic, sexual, doesn’t matter so long as she has boobs and a vagina) and talk to her. Pump her up and in a good mood. Like approaching, this can be considered a warmup. Call up another girlfriend if you still feel a little hestitant calling up that hottie you made out with on Saturday night. You’re just chatting, getting relaxed, and modulating your phone voice so it comes off as comfortable, charming, and even a little sexy when you do call up your prospective date.]

Hell, try an experiment and doublebook that shit. One attractive wing-girl of mine does this RELIGIOUSLY. Yes, she honestly and emotionally like both guys, but when she’s walking out that door, she decides who she’s going to meet up with. She KNOWS she’s a hot commodity so she’ll see who she’s digging more at that one particular moment (influenced by anything and everything from a particular memory, smell, to just plain hormones) and go with him. She knows the other guy will still try and go out with her even when she cancels on him last minute so she DOESN’T RISK ANYTHING.

Try it out. For whatever reason when I’ve doublebooked, I’ve almost ALWAYS brought the girl I decided to take on a date back home. Maybe it’s a subcommunication at a level that even I haven’t mastered yet. You KNOW you’ve got other tail waiting. Seriously, what have you risked? If you’re already put together, then the girl you flaked on will still want to meet up with you.

Keep In Contact
Maybe some of these girls you haven’t met up with or maybe you have and couldn’t set up another meet, but you’re still talking. I like to touch base with them every now and then, maybe a week after I last talked to them if I’ve been busy.

A nice cocky funny message like [Credit Prophet], “I now understand the TRUE meaning of freedom!” To which she will invariably reply with, “What?” and to wit you send, “I’m NOT wearing any underwear!”

Another funny one I’ve cribbed is, “Those beautiful eyes… those sexy lips… the smoothest walk… But enough about ME, how are YOU doing?”

Or a simple open ended text message like, “What’s up?”

Hell, I’ve texted the same message to multiple girls, just to see what bites.

Always keep in contact until that bridge is BURNED, BURIED, and LONG DEAD. Even if you couldn’t contact them the first time around, call them again, leave a message, until you finally get a response. Wait a few days to a week, whatever, I don’t overthink it, just whenever I feel like I have time to call up another slew of chickies. Call up the girl you couldn’t get in touch with, then the girl you couldn’t setup a date with, and then on to the new numbers.

The idea is to have a steady crop of girls rotating in and out of your phone and bedroom.

Hell, sometimes they’re not even dead, just dormant. For example, I had two girls call me up Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve that I had long since deleted and given them the “No hard feelings, but I’m deleting you. You know how to reach me” [abriged version, Credit Prophet for full one]. Tomorrow, I have a date with one of them at Barnes & Noble where she’s going to read me Curious George (remember that horny little monkey and his lecherous owner?).

Even opportunities long gone may present themselves to you (Thank you Fortune Cookie manufacturer).

I wasn’t even surprised that they called up, just simply “What’s up, who is this again? Ah, cool, so what kind of loot did you get for Christmas? I bet it’s not as bad ass as my- yada yada yada” It’s nice that they called and showed renewed interest, but I wasn’t wowed by it. I got other girls to spend my time with, but if another girl wants to experience the Asian Invasion, who am I to deny them?

Have Multiple Dates
I usually like setting up my dates earlier in the week and save my boys’ night out rampage for the weekends, but I’m typically flexible about it. And if I’m particularly booked that week, I’ll just blow off the boys and spend all week with a new girl every night.

I’ll say, “Hey, let’s hang out this week.” If she says yes, odds are she’ll tell you her schedule and then I’ll see if I can fit it into mine. And yeah, maybe I’ll even doublebook if I call a couple of girls back to back and the only time they can go out is Wednesday.

C’est la vie.

But key elements to any date is to have something interesting at the venue or whatever you’re doing. A jacuzzi, a gun range, bungie jumping, I don’t care, so long as it’s a little out of the ordinary. Oh and make sure it’s YOUR home turf or at least neutral otherwise it’s going to be an uphill struggle if she knows everyone at the venue.


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