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In my articleThe Transition to Natural Game written under the pseudonym Woodhaven, I laid out the two requirements for any seduction method to work:1. Unwavering belief that the woman is attracted to you.
2. A conversational context that allows for escalation towards physical isolation.

Though some of the article's details are now outdated by my current methodology, these principles still underlie a successful pickup.

In this article, I will give you some conversational guideposts that do more than just engage a woman, they address and neutralize her main objections for having fast, no-strings attached sex with you.

This mini-method is good for getting one-night stands, or fast lays, and can be used without a lot of strategizing or pickup experience.

Staying true to the principle #1 mentioned above, this method is founded in the reality that women love sex just as much, if not more than us. They only restrain from it because of consequences.

If we can neutralize her fear of these consequences, all that's left to do is lead her to an isolated location. Indeed, we can even convert her to a girlfriend or longer-term relationship by adding credibility to the mix.

For this method, all that is required is a sexual state of controlled arousal, leadership (handling logistics), and flipping her consequence switches in the course of conversation.

Here are the five main consequences that hold woman back from sleeping with a guy:

1. Getting an STD.
2. Getting pregnant.
3. The guy will fall in love with her and stalk her.
4. Social consequences – her friends/social group will find out and think she is a slut.
5. The guy will see her as lacking value (being slutty) and she’ll have no hope of having a relationship with him.

Though the first two are definitely real consequences, they don't need to be explicitly addressed – most women with sexual experience know that you just use a condom when you have sex. In fact, it's probably a good idea to not bring up STD's or pregnancy.

We can neutralize the last three through the course of normal conversation by using them as a basic checklist or short set of guideposts. Good topics to talk about are relationships, dating, friendships, social groups, trust, keeping secrets, values, etc.

Two basic conversational techniques to address and neutralize her other potential objections are:

1. Screen her as if you had those same objections. Find out if she is the type of girl who would make you face those same consequences. Here's how this plays out for each consequence.

Stalking: Playfully ask her if she is the kind of girl who falls in love really fast and turns into a stalker.

Social Consequences: Ask her if she is trustworthy, and if she's the kind of girl who can keep things to herself. Does she kiss and tell like other girls?

Possibility for a relationship: Joke and bust on her for being on the prowl, a man-eater who uses guys for sex and then never calls them back. Find out what her views on relationships and romance are, and approve of her views.

2. Storytelling/relating your own views

Stalking: Talk about how people fall in love too fast, instead of letting things take their natural course. Maybe share a funny story about a girl who called you too much after just meeting, or some girl who got creepy on Facebook.

Social Consequences: I have a great story for this. If she asks (or you can just bring it up), tell her how a female friend of yours stopped by/called you, and how she was upset because she hooked up with a guy, and then he went and told all their mutual friends. She was sad because she thought he was cool and trustworthy, and she didn't understand why guys have to brag about hooking up. You told her that there is a double standard – for men it's cool to have casual sex, but women get stigmatized, and it's not fair. You've had girls brag about sleeping with you. For some guys this might have been cool, but you felt a little betrayed because you would never kiss and tell. Sex includes mutual respect.

Possibility for a relationship: This is easy. Get on the topic of relationships – ask her what she finds romantic, how she met her last boyfriend, what she looks for in men. Then relate to her views. Show her that you see eye-to-eye when it comes to dating. You share the same worldview. Then she can trust that there is a chance of the two of you dating in the longer term, because you are on the same page (and obviously attracted to each other).

There are some shortcuts to all of this.

Vacation: If you are traveling/on vacation, let her know. This will show her that you won't even be able to stalk her, and she won't have to face any social consequences because her friends will never find out.

Additionally, because she will never even consider having a relationship with you (because of the distance) she will have no fear of losing that option.

It is somewhat ironic, because being unavailable somehow makes women more interested in having a relationship with you. It's almost as if the barrier causes her not to hold anything back, and she'll often fall pretty hard for you.

She has a boyfriend, husband, or is dating

This is not an obstacle. In fact, the element of other men in her life can accelerate sex.

Treat it as if it's no big deal, and proceed as normal. Because she knows that you know she is in a relationship and are openly cool with it, she soon realizes that you wont do anything stupid like call her all the time or stalk her.

It's clear that by accepting her other relationship, and proceeding, you aren't interested in jumping into a relationship. In addition, she can trust that you will be low-key about the whole affair, because if you don't, you will ruin your chances of sex. By behaving in this manner, you are communicating massive social and sexual intelligence and she can rest easy.

You are in a serious, fulfilling relationship with another woman:

Counter intuitively, talking about how you have a girlfriend who takes great care of you, is fun, and gives you great sex can also accelerate the seduction. The observed results speak for themselves, because this works.

It is based on the same premise as the vacation – no chance of you falling for her (although her competitive nature would like to believe otherwise), you obviously won't tell anyone for fear of being caught cheating yourself, and thirdly, she has no fear of losing the chance of a relationship because there's no chance to begin with.

Just understand that this will hurt your chances with women whose behaviors are aligned with high morals that contradict this.

Remember, pickup doesn't have to be complicated. Bells and whistles aren't necessary. Just like the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, employing basic concepts in a natural, effective way is all you need to go from approaching to the bedroom.

Add this knowledge to your tool belt, and come up with some of your own stories or questions to address her fears of sexual consequences. Treat the above as a set of guideposts in a conversation, or maybe just a brief mental checklist to ensure optimal results.

This simple method can be employed by guys with minimal experience. All it requires is a strong sexual intent (for best results, wait until there's a level of comfort before going into a sexual state), hitting the consequence switches, and leading logistics to an isolated venue.

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