Why Aren’t I Good With Women?

I love this Stephen Nash post because its so true. I really recommend his ebook!

Want to know why you are unsuccessful with women?

It might masquerade as shyness, nerves, neediness, lack of style,
bad breath, or body odor.

Want to know the real answer? Its simple and its true: Insecurity.

Lets accurately define security. Then, lets consider how this
relates to being attractive. Lets also try to keep this simple,
because this is a topic we cover at length in our products and
consultations which takes time to get handled. Let me give you our
definition of security: A willingness to accept myself as I am,
strengths and weaknesses and then the determination to work towards
a healthy ideal for myself.

A man who is secure realizes his weaknesses, and then addresses
them. Some weaknesses (better known as challenges) are tougher to
handle than others. A patient, deliberate effort may have to
follow. If a guy has bad breath, for example, is it because he just
ate a dish filled with garlic or does he suffer from gingivitis? If
its the garlic causing the problem, his problem is easily remedied
by a bit of time and some mouthwash. If he has gingivitis or
halitosis, the challenge becomes larger and will take more time to
surmount. (Although, he should carry some Cool Mint Listerine
PocketPaks with him at all times)

A guy who is secure with himself likely never encounters a
challenge like bad breath, or if he does, he handles it right away.
An insecure guy will be too lazy to take the action, or will
unconsciously reject the reality that he has bad breath. His
fragile self-esteem will not accept the information, thus he
continues to create bad impressions on other people due to his own
unwillingness. This mini-example can translate to virtually any
challenge which we encounter through our lives.

Most guys live lives that are so out of balance, that a woman might
initially like you, but when she eventually sees the chaos that
follows you around (whether it be bad breath, flailing friendships,
insecurity, lack of focus, endless hours surfing the web, messy
apartment, the list goes on) she will never really see you as a
viable companion because she knows, intuitively, and biologically,
that you are not a man in the truest sense. You are not someone who
can provide security thus you are not attractive to her.

Here is where we separate the men from the boys. The boys right now
are thinking, This is a load of BS. A bunch of feel good jargon.
This will never work for me. They are right, it never will until
they decide to face their lives and live like a man. A man sees
this and realizes that it is time, now, to step up to the plate and
take responsibility. He sees that he can get what is rightfully
his. That time is now. Women are seeking a man who is secure with
himself, and is able to provide it to her consistently. These men
reflect it with everything they do they always seem to be in
control, they are sensitive to the needs of the moment, they rise
to the occasion, they have a focused purpose in their life, and are
comfortable in their own skin. Their life naturally validates them
internally, and thusly, they feel complete. They are attractive,

So, when you give that guy the ten magically perfect things to say
to a woman, he only needs five, and even then he has overdone it.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that you have to be rich or to
have fully realized all of your goals in order to be successful
with women. What I am saying is that it is critical to be on the
path pursuing your goals. Men who live with passion and direction
are magnets for women because they are attractive. Quality women
are desperate for men whose lives are focused, balanced, and filled
with purpose.

In conclusion: The single most perfect piece of advice that I can
give you is: You Must Get Your Life In Order And Moving Forward To
Have Anything Close To A Meaningful Relationship With A Quality

Thanks for your time guys, and best of luck!


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