How to create a “Soulmate’s Moment”

I love Sebastian’s stuff. His newsletters are always ALWAYS worth posting. And his Master the Vibe hidden mic audio is one of my favorite courses. This one is no different.

Make a Women Think You’re her Soul mate by Sebastian drake 

Soulmate’s Moment is one of the most powerful things you can
achieve when meeting a woman – maybe you’ve felt it. It’s when you
feel that deep belief inside you that you two were truly destined
for each other. It was once thought to be only rare and special
occasions that they could be felt.

As of March 2007 – you can create them.

My friend Jonathan and I were partying at his loft. His girlfriend
is amazingly beautiful and they’re totally in love with each other.
She’s a top model for one of the top agencies in the United States,
who has done work for Levi’s, Calvin Klein, major alcohol brands…
An elite girl in every sense of the word. And together we analyzed
how they’d fallen head over heels for each other:

By pure chance, a Soulmate’s Moment had been created: A Soulmate’s
Moment is when you two find out that you have the same weakness
wrapped in what appears to be your biggest strength.

For Jonathan’s girl, she’s an elite model, blessed with both natural
beauty and charm – but it also takes a lot of hard work to develop
your physique and charm. It turns out Jonathan has built himself
in a master of the social arts – for a similar reason that his girl
became a model.

They both strive to be the center of attention, but come from
backgrounds where they were both kind of smart, dorky kids. Finding
out that what was most intimidating to outsiders about her – her
carefully built social image – was also her largest insecurity –
made her and Jonathan have a Soulmate’s Moment.

To create a Moment like that:

*Show her you understand her strength, and relate it to a key
strength you have
*Show her you understand why other people are intimidated by her
strength (which implies you’re not)


*Show her you understand how it comes at a price, hurts sometimes,
and other people can’t see that.

Extremely powerful.

For some of the girls that are highly desirable – and quite
intimidating – here are four of the top combinations that to create
Soulmate’s Moments:

Successful/Fear of Loss

We’ll have more on this tech for you playboys – Seriously powerful,
so recommended only to use on girls you truly like.


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