Preparing Your Place for Hot Girls

Here is a quick and to the point BadBoy post about getting the place ready for chicks. Don’t be lax on this, they do notice!

Your Bachelor Pad by Badboy 

For women, your living space is an image of you. It represents things about your life, your self esteem, and gives a pretty good representation about many of your internal qualities.

Therefore it must reflect good things. If you want to be attractive to her as a potential mate, you should pay close attention to this part of your identity. She will place a lot of importance on it, even if you don’t.

You don’t need a penthouse to have success with getting girls. But there are a few things that are quite important.

It Must Be Clean

There is nothing more repulsive for classy girls than a dirty living space. No high value male will live in squalor.

Whether you’re cleaning it by yourself, or somebody else is doing it, pay attention to following things:

  • Dust. Don’t have it on surfaces that are visible such as corners, floors, tables, TV, sofa. If you have shelves and cupboards there can be some on them, as long as it doesn’t get a thick layer. If you have book shelves, don’t bother cleaning upper ones too often, unless dusting is your hobby. Focus mainly on what she can see.
  • Stains. Wipe them off the floor. Take a wet cloth and mop the floor with it. If the stain persists (grease), put some washing liquid in water and rub the stain. Stains from the furniture can be more difficult to clean, consider covering them with something. If the sofa has stains, put a soft blanket over it. Wash all blankets and curtains every so often.
  • Windows. It’s an easy job, washing liquids do miracles today. Make sure they are not smudged and stained. It’s a pretty obvious when they are.
  • If you have glass tables, clean them like windows. They should shine when you’re sitting with her.
  • Clean your computer. There are special liquids for that. Computers get very dirty from grease, hair and dust. You will maybe be checking out photos, videos, she may want to check her email, etc… Make sure it isn’t dirty. And that means on the inside too. Clear your browsing history so she doesn’t accidentally pull up porn pages when she tries to type in a domain. 😉
  • Remove all the hair from the bathtub and sink. There shouldn’t be any pubic hair on the toilet. Keep your whole bathroom clean. Double check that all stains, hair and various crud that accumulates in bathrooms and totally grosses girls out is gone so she doesn’t get turned off and want to leave after you’ve put all the work in to getting her here. Removing calcium from metal objects is nice but not essential.
  • Towels must be clean. Fold them nicely over the bar. Almost every girl that comes in my place has sniffed the towels before using them after the shower. They will be grossed out if you have dirty, smelly towels. Think ahead.

It Should Smell Nice

You will get a big plus for a place that smells nice. There’s no one aroma that smells best for everybody, so choose one that’s not too intense. In my experience fruit smells and vanilla will do the job really well. I experimented a lot with artificial air sprays, but they remind me of the office too much, they leave little drops on furniture and the smell evaporates after half an hour anyway. A candle with a vanilla scent is much better, because it smells even when it’s not lit, and when you light it, it creates an intimate atmosphere.

And make absolutely sure, that your place doesn’t smell bad. It’s a huge turnoff. The olfactory center of the brain is geographically closest to the emotional center and as a result is the sense with the biggest impact on emotion.

Remove all the sources of bad smell such as:

  • Dirty clothes
  • Ashtrays
  • Remains of food
  • Gym gear
  • Trash (take it out regularly and clean the can every so often)
  • Sheets and blankets. If they are not regularly washed, they get an unpleasant smell.

It Should Be Neat

A small but tidy place will always look better in female eyes than a messy big place. Keeping things in order and well decorated will appeal to her aesthetically, make her more comfortable and say the right things about how you live your life.

  • Throw away all unnecessary stuff that’s around. Objects that you use occasionally should be put in some box and tucked away.
  • Don’t exaggerate with decorative objects, photos and memorabilia. The less details there are, the more her attention will belong to you. In design, less is often more.
  • Don’t mix too many colors. Pick a theme and stick to it.
  • Don’t leave random stuff laying around. . It communicates chaos and disorder in your life.
  • Since flowers require some maintenance every now and then, it’s easier to keep some fresh fruit as a decoration, it gives a good vibe to the whole place. Plus, you can eat it when you need to renew your energy.

Have fun!


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