Speaking the Truth to Women

[While I’m not huge on Speed Seduction, I do think that Ross Jeffries has a lot of good stuff to say about handling women, confidence, and state management. This post is classic Ross.

Speaking Your Truth To Women by Ross Jeffries

As I have said before, women, especially hot women, are like
motorcycle cops.

Motorcycle cops have heard every damn story, lie and bullshit
excuse from people trying to talk them out of writing tickets.

Hot women have head every damn story, lie and bullshit LINE from
guys trying to talk them out of their panties.

That super-hot babe you want to get down with is as fed up with
the bullshit as you are with the dumb-ass marketing pitches
screaming for your attention.

That being the case, you need to do something different in a way
that gets positive attention and establishes a measure of TRUST.

Here is a good rule: no trust, no trim. Know trust, know trim.

Now look: by trust, I do NOT mean she believes that every word
that comes out of your mouth is a pearl of wisdom from the
library of heaven.

It simply means that her perception of you, overall, is that
because speaking your truth is more important to you than
jumping into her jeans.

The instant you do this, you establish yourself as:

1. Having standards. There are some things you will not tolerate
and will not do to get pussy.

2. Have self-respect. Again, how you walk through the world is
more important than how you get between her legs.

3. Have options. Any guy who is willing to risk offending or
displeasing a woman by ca alling her on her bullshit MUST have
plenty of other girls around. Or so she will think.

Example In Action

I met a steaming hot waitress we will call Miss P. Miss P
turned out to be bi-sexual, a squirter, and quite addicted to
giving what she calls “oral favors”. She also had(has) an ass
that would make a gay priest reconsider his sexual orientation.
The girl is HOT.

In any case, Miss P and I initially hung out for coffee where I
ran every pattern under the sun. After some light kissing, she
ended the afternoon having to go to work that night.

She was then a bit stand-offish, but after some of my more
advanced finnagleation she “volunteered” to bring some food to
my house and “watch a DVD”.

Sure enough, the afternoon she was to show, she called me and
said, “You know, I’m really feeling kind of burned out and not
wanting to see anyone. I’m just going to meditate and be by
myself and can we take a raincheck?”

Now, many guys would call this a “shit-test”. She’s giving me
shit to see if I will stand up to her.

I think that is somewhat true, but I also read it as a “trust

In other words, I think(and later confirmed) that Miss P was
QUITE interested in “doing” me. But she WASN’T sure I was
someone she could trust so she threw something out to see if I
would respond with how I really felt-would I tell my truth or
bullshit her?

What did I tell her?

Just this, “Wait a minute. Time with me is a gift, and my
friends don’t toss it at away at the last minute because they
don’t feel like it. When people make plans, I expect them to
keep them unless it’s some kind of emergency and that isn’t what
is happening here. You just threw a big monkey wrench in the
process of us getting closer and it’s up to you to figure out
how to pull it out.”

Then I hung up on her.

What did she do? She called back a minute later(I always let my
voice mail pick up) and she was yelling her head off about this
and that and that and this, how dare I lecture her, etc etc.

In other words, I got her all hot and bothered by NOT accepting
her excuses.

I called her back and told her I admired her balls and the fact
that she had the guts to be real.

She wound up apologizing to me, telling me I was totally right
to call her on her flakiness, She went on to explain that she
was actually quite attracted to me, wanted to sleep with me that
first time(she really didn’t have to go to work but was scared
of being “too easy”) and that she hoped this didn’t end her
chances with me!

(I love this stuff, I really do. I’ve been doing it over 15
years but I still LOVE IT! Isn’t the female mind amazing?)

Now note what I did NOT do:

1. I didn’t name call. I didn’t call her a lazy bitch or a flake
or a cunt.
2. I didn’t ask for an explanation or beg her to change her mind
3. I didn’t slam the door on her totally; I left the door open
by telling her that it was up to her to “figure out how” to pull
the monkey wrench out of the process of us becoming friends.
4. I did not use vulgarity at all.
5. I did NOT give her an opportunity to answer me then and
there. I hung up.
6. I didn’t just leave her confused: I told her what I expected.

In sum, I set my standards, spoke my truth, was angry without
being personal about it(no name calling).

That is the way to speak truth(and establish trust) with women.

Peace and piece ,


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