Breaking Rapport

Here’s an interesting little Badboy article.

Breaking Rapport by Badboy

This is necessary for creating Attraction and setting yourself up as a challenge but must be done without pushing the girl so hard that she gives up and goes away.

You know that you need to be different than all other guys to get a really hot girl, but before you do, you need to really understand what other guys do wrong.

When most guys manage to get the courage to talk to with a hot girl, the first thing they do is either BRAG how excellent they are or they kiss the girl’s ass by trying too hard to create an immediate connection. Here they have already lost the game.

If you try to impress her, it means she is higher value, and not you. We all know they want a guy who is above them Bragging communicates the opposite dynamic.

The second mistake, trying to create immediate rapport is so obvious with hot girls. They see it ALL the time and it’s boring to them.

HB: I like yoga.

Guy: Oh yeah?…Me too.

HB: I like pet fish.

Guy: Really? I have 6 aquariums at home.

HB: I like dancing.

Guy:  love dancing!

Its so obvious the guy has no value or personality and will love all shit she likes as well just to get closer to her.

Its purposely and obviously trying to create rapport based on nothing other than the fact she’s hot. She shees this try hard routine all the time. When guys try too hard, they suddenly like everything.

What you need to start doing is: Break rapport with her.

By doing this, you show you show that she needs to start creating rapport with YOU.

HB: I hate McDonalds.

You: I LOVE McDonalds! They have healthiest food on planet.

HB: I like Xy.

You: I hate Xy(Give funny reason why.)

HB: I would like to live in New York.

You: LOL I think best place for you is Africa, with the crocodiles and monkeys. You’ll fit right in.

The key is to calibrate, so she doesn’t take it as an insult. We offset the rapport break with a joke to remind her that we are an interesting fun personality she wants to get to know more, even as we push away opportunities to build rapport. We will get to rapport building at some point, but we will make her work for it while demonstrating why she should want to try. Maintaining humor, a strong frame and proper body language will make her want to learn more and get her to start doing the work.

The idea is simply, early on, to demonstrate that you have the stronger frame and that you are not intimidated by her beauty. Ultimately, that you don’t NEED HER like all these other guys do. Breaking rapport (when done right) is a great tool for doing this, while simultaneously luring her closer to you.

Then, when you do start to build rapport with her, it will seem more organic and she will appreciate it more.


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