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Sosua Nightlife Report in the Dominican Republic

I was going through some old Cliff’s list archives and I came across this one which I’ve never read. Being a huge fan of Sosua in the DR and actually starting a real estate business down there I took the time to read it. It is a pretty good description of what its like down there. Trust me Getting laid in Sosua isn’t that hard!

Sosua Dominican Republic Nightlife Report by Cliff’s List

Seduced and Conquered in the Dominican Republic, Baby!

We’re at it again! This time, Payton Kane ( and a small, select group (Rhino, myself and first timer, Adam) head out to Sosua in the Dominican Republic for a week of mainly vacation.

Payton hasn’t been in the DR for a long time and does not know his way around like he does in Cancun, where he lived for 6 years and has been back and forth there maybe 150 times over the years. So it will be a trip of exploration for all of us.


The trip starts with my arrival in Toronto. Payton picks me up and we meet with Rhino and then go off to buy some last minute items to take with. Payton reveals a few little known secret places to shop and he and Rhino pick up a number of items – I had already bought what I need for the trip but there were several tempting items at surprisingly low prices.

From there we ended up having dinner at one of Payton’s favorite restaurants followed by a short trip to a strip joint with the intention of having a drink and calling it an early night.

Once in this place, though, Payton ran into several strippers who greeted him warmly. We went after into the VIP section where Adam ran into this stripper he had met before when he went out with Payton. She was all over him and he kept, in true seduce and conquer style, pushing her away. There was no question she wanted to leave with him but Adam had received a call earlier from an old girlfriend who he hadn’t seen in quite some time who was going to be at this club downtown with a few of her friends.

Things were going really well in the strip club and both Payton and my intuition were saying we should stay there, but we went along with Adam’s request to hit this skeezy bar on College where we met Adam’s girls. They were both unattractive and within minutes we knew we should’ve stayed at the strippers. Even Adam was disappointed (but he hadn’t seen these girls for over a year so was not sure what to expect). Under no circumstances should you let women call the shots, something Adam learned from this.

Payton also noticed that the scotch they served him wasn’t Johnny Walker Black, and made a point of complaining. Rhino tried it as well and it was quite obvious the bar was pulling a scam. The manager came over and refunded the money, and on the way out we overheard one of the bouncers saying to another “those are the guys who knew it wasn’t Johnny Walker.”


We head out to the airport about three hours before our flight. We were flying out of the new Terminal 3 in Pearson International Airport and when we got there we were greeted by a huge line up. Even though this was a new terminal, it seemed that if you arrived late for your flight you still had to get into that line and wait; in other words, despite being a place with new design and technology, this obvious recurring problem hasn’t been dealt with in any new effective way.

There were a few announcements where they took people out of the line if they were waiting for certain flights, but it seemed to be a lot more manual than it should be – you either had to lose your place in line (if you were alone) or have some stranger watch your place and your bags while you seek out someone who can tell you if you can go to the front of the line or not, or you had to be around and hear the individual who may be looking for anyone from this or that flight.

In any event, while in line we spoke with a much older woman who was flying from Toronto to Gibraltar to do some very adventurous exploring. Rhino got a picture of me talking to her and the joke was that they would get a collection of these photos this trip (me with much older, unattractive women) and Payton would post them on his website. Fortunately that wouldn’t speak well of Payton’s training results, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Also while in line, Payton started up with two attractive girls who remembered him from Cancun (but it was not the trip I went on with him). They were also flying to the DR, but were staying in a different city.

Payton noticed another attractive young lady while we were waiting at the gate but we didn’t get a chance to talk to her. He had asked for 4 aisle seats for us with the hopes that some of us would get seated next to some attractive women. Adam got seated next to the most attractive girl that we had noticed at the gate, with her friends in the seats directly behind.

Payton and I were seated near each other, but three of the seats (including mine) were center seats. Payton is tall and sitting in the center is very uncomfortable as he isn’t able to stretch his feet out. He managed, however, to trade seats with the person who had the aisle seat next to me. Next to me at the window was Joanne, who I started up with as soon as I sat down. While Joanne wasn’t exceptionally attractive, she wasn’t totally unappealing and it quickly became clear that she’s a lot of fun and has a very outgoing personality.

We knew the trip was going to be good because we were already off to a flying start. One of the flight attendants had some attitude and we broke her down in no time, which caused her to become more pleasant and joke around with us. She enjoyed us so much she kept coming back and provided us with excellent service.

Adam worked the girl next to him perfectly the entire flight, and we were surprised he didn’t end up in the bathroom with her. She suggested we meet them at some club called Mangu.

Over the course of the flight, Joanne consumed at least 6 Vodkas and became more and more friendly. Besides getting the girls going across the aisle from him, Payton got some action from the girl beside me. A good friend of hers is involved in a radio station in the Dominican Republic and she was very interested to find out about Payton’s radio show. She wanted him to come visit her at the station and go on the air.

Payton said that if he came on their show, she would have to come on his show and go topless. She said she didn’t need to wait to go on the radio to go topless and started to provocatively display her bra and soon her boobs to the two of us (remember, I am in the middle between the two of them).

At one point she had one breast out and Payton asked her if she could lick her own breast, which she did. Payton was about to lick it himself when the flight attendant came over and told her to straighten her chair out as we were getting close to landing. More…

I had loaned her a pen to fill in one of the immigration forms and she lost it. We were looking all over for it when Payton suggests it may be in her bra so she started fondling her breasts again and pulled one of them out. We still couldn’t find my pen so I told her we may have to look in her pussy for it and she started to pull her pants down!

But that stopped in the middle and in the end I found the pen on the floor. She is involved in a restaurant in the DR, travels down there about once a month, gave us a list of places to go and places to avoid and we talked on getting together with her while we were down there. It seemed like we had connected with someone who could direct us to some good food and good partying, and who Payton would have some fun with once back in Toronto as she will be on our return flight (he’d have to lower his standards to do this, however).

Before we were to get off the plane, she had mentioned a few times wanting us to meet her friend who was meeting her at the airport and who works with her at the restaurant. When we were getting off the plane, she seemed to really rush away and it appeared to me that she had sobered up and became a little uncomfortable with how forward she had been.

All the other girls also quickly disappeared from the airport, and we found out the reason why later. Before we even landed we felt this was going to be a crazy week.

It appeared to be off-season when we arrived, as there were only two other people besides us getting on the shuttle bus to our hotel, the Casa Marina Beach & Reef Hotel in Sosua. While this was only a three star hotel, Payton had done quite a bit of research on this place on the net and it seemed to be a very popular spot, well located near all the night life and central to the action that is going on there.

Our flight arrived in just enough time to get to the hotel to have dinner before the kitchen closed.

After dinner we headed out to the nightlife area, which was a short walk from the hotel. We heard that many of the local women would be chasing us for money, but I don’t think any of us were prepared for what we encountered. The first hint happened as we were walking getting closer to the club we were going to – a guy was walking towards us with his arms around two women. One of the women, as I passed her, grabs my balls!

From there women are coming up to us relentlessly, smiling, flirting, touching, dancing, you name it. While on the surface the place we were in looked like a fairly common disco/nightclub filled with a lot of people (including a lot of attractive women), it seemed that every girl was on a mission to pick us up. I lost track of how many times women approached me that night – they were extremely grabby and some incredibly persistent. It took little time before we realized avoiding eye contact was key as without this they were somewhat less aggressive.

After a bit of mingling we got a table overlooking the upstairs and downstairs. This somewhat shielded us from the throng of ladies.

Payton found this hot 19 year old who zeroed in on him and he told her if she wanted any action she would have to pay for him. She asked how much for the week and when he told her $50,000 she kissed him. He made it clear he doesn’t pay women for sex and she told him she thought he was hot.

I kept telling women that I didn’t know them well enough to sleep with them – several asked me if I was married and if I had kids. Unlike my trip to Santiago, many of the girls I spoke to here knew some English or French.

Probably the most important lesson of this evening was that it gave us a good idea of what it must be like to be a hot chick back home – every woman wanted us, every woman gave us hungry eyes and many, many of them approached us. Literally you had to beat them off you. They would frequently grab you inappropriately and ask you to sleep with them. And many wouldn’t take no for an answer! They were very persistent.

At the end of the night, Payton was hooked up with his 19 year old, Rhino was with another, and one who wouldn’t leave me alone was holding my hand as we left the club. She had grabbed my hand and told me that if it didn’t look like I was with her the police (who had showed up at the end of the night with the police lights on their cars flashing) might arrest her. She claimed that they showed up at the end of the night and arrested a lot of people, mostly the girls, for no reason and then let them out of jail the next day. So I walked with her but frequently let go of her hand and kept going so she would run up to catch up to me and grab my hand again. She was telling me how she was going to make love to me (even offered to include this other girl, Alexandra, that I spoke to on the way out, who I ended up meeting the next night), and how she thought I was very beautiful, a gentleman, etc.

Of course I didn’t believe any of this and at one point I just told her I wasn’t taking her back to my hotel (she kept offering for us to go to her place, which only raised suspicions that there were some of her brothers waiting to give me a real Dominican welcome if I showed up there).

When she finally gave up, she started to get bitchy about me wasting her time and she wanted me to pay her which we thought was bullshit since we didn’t want her around in the first place and were doing everything to get rid of her. I offered her $5 just to leave and she got mad that it was too little so I told I wouldn’t pay her anything. At that point she finally said ok and, even though Payton told me I shouldn’t pay her anything, I gave her the $5 just for her to get lost.

We got back to our hotel and Adam and I just went back to our rooms and crashed out. Payton and Rhino decided to find somewhere where they could hang out with their ladies and get some food and drink. We already knew the hotel charged a lot to bring guests back for the night (this is one of the hooks you need to be prepared for when going to these resorts – this hotel wanted $128 to allow you to bring a guest back to your room, which is basically having her pay for a day. And there are guards in front of the hotel all night watching that no one gets smuggled in).

You get a plastic bracelet when you check in which identifies you as a guest of the hotel and if you are on an all-inclusive plan for your meals, which gives you access to the dining rooms. Apparently if you pretend to lose this bracelet, went and got yourself a replacement one and then taped your original cut one after putting it on a guest to get them in, you would go to jail if they found out. And one thing that seemed pretty clear is that you don’t want to spend any time in a Dominican jail.

Payton and Rhino spent a few hours waiting touring Sosua and were unsuccessful finding any place that was serving. They ended up at one hotel where there were people sitting around the bar, and the desk manager kept telling them that in “5-10 minutes more” they’d have a room for them. It turned out this was the last place with vacancies that night and they rent the rooms by the hour. Since it was clear this was a Ho-tel: a place where people bring their hoes, Rhino and Payton decided to leave. There were no drinks, no food, and Payton & Rhino aren’t the kind of people who wait around for pussy. They made sure the girls would make it home alright, and returned to our hotel.

So even though there was very little drinking, the first night was quite interesting.


The next morning, I stayed at the hotel and went to find out how to get on the Internet there while Payton and the other guys went to see what they could arrange for the rest of the trip in terms of having a place to go after hours to extend the partying with the ladies.

Payton met a guy nicknamed “Rocky” who he had been in contact with over email. Rocky owns a hotel ( nearby but Payton described him as the “real Elvis.” This guy, who he described as quite old and scraggly, showed them a portfolio of photos of him with spectacular women – women Payton said were way better than what we had seen at the club the night before. Rocky had moved here for the lifestyle and has apparently slept with over 2000 women. Rocky also has a restaurant in his hotel that serves ribs that are supposed to be truly outstanding. His place was booked solid so he brought Payton over to a nearby hotel and arranged a room there where we could party with the ladies if we picked some up.

Payton hadn’t expected to buy a room like that and didn’t have much money on him. Rocky, after knowing him for an hour, gave him $20 to make up the missing amount needed to secure the room and told him to pay him back next time he sees him. Payton was very surprised and impressed that this guy would do that but Rocky explained that he’s really not there because of the money; he’s there to have fun and enjoy his life.

Rocky explained that the culture in the DR is different. People aren’t as insecure about their sexuality as society in North America. The people know it is as natural as eating and sleeping, and feel if you are not able to be with your partner and need some action, it is ok to satisfy yourself with someone else you find attractive. Since this is a normal way of life down there, couples don’t get bent out of shape when their partner is with someone else. The problem is since it is such an impoverished country, many women will do anything for money. It was our problem to distinguish between the two. He also told us that it is customary to give girls money for a taxi home, since most people in the DR don’t have a car (which obviously we would use to drive our girlfriends home with in North America).

This was pretty much what I saw and understood when I was in Santiago, but I did not experience the widespread, almost universal experience of all the women being coin-operated as they seemed to be here in Sosua.

During lunch that day, Rhino made a comment to a girl at the buffet, something which would be cultivated later.

Sunday night we head out again to the club district in town, back to the same disco we were in the night before. This time we had a better understanding of the situation and weren’t going to put up with “chicas” who think they are going to get money out of us sooner or later.

On the walk in I purposely avoided eye contact with the women who hungrily eye you as you walk in the club district, and especially as we get to the club itself (this really lets you relate to how a hot chick here must feel).

Payton had last night “demanded” that one of the guys working there bring the air conditioning to him where he was (a funny but obviously impossible request) and tonight this guy had set aside the VIP area for us. We walked through the huge crowd up to a private area that had a circular seating arrangement.

We sat down and soon a few women came up to us but Payton made it clear that he wasn’t buying them drinks and he doesn’t pay for women. A few stuck around a bit but then left, and a few others came by.

Last night as I was leaving with the one I paid the $5 to to get rid of, I noticed this very attractive short, slender girl looking at me. I smiled at her, went up to her, asked her name (Alexandra) but she didn’t speak English. She walked with me towards the exit (the $5 girl was all up for having her join us for a “happy hour,” as she called it) but I didn’t pursue it.

Tonight, however, her and her cousin (a girl with a tremendous body, dressed very well and very sexy, who’s face was not unattractive but it had a Latin style to it that made it her weakest feature – she, however, said she was a model) who wore a tight tank top with the words “Baby Girl” in sequins on it, came into our VIP section. Her cousin spoke excellent English and came up to me and told me that Alexandra told her that I spoke to her the night before but she didn’t understand what I was saying and she wanted to know what I said. I knew that Alexandra was attracted to me and her cousin told Payton that Alexandra thought I was cute and wanted to know what I was saying.

We grilled them and Baby Girl insisted that her and her cousin were not working girls (Payton said she told him that there were probably 5 women in that place that night out of the hundreds there who weren’t working, and that they were two of them). Alexandra turned out to have a 4-year-old daughter and owns a store selling baby clothes. I played my little non-verbal games with her (twirled her, took her dancing on the floor where she dirty danced with me, pointed to my cheek indicating for her to kiss me, and, most effectively, held her right side cheek in one hand as I get close to talk in her left ear where I would say things like “I know you don’t understand a word I am saying, but you are really enjoying the way I am saying them to you” as I said these things while lowering my voice, etc).

Rhino was working on Baby Girl who had a little attitude and while he escalated with her to a point where he almost had her, it seems he moved a little too fast to kiss her and she gave him the cheek. He got annoyed with that and left her to go talk with some other girls which effectively ended their encounter, even though she stuck around with us right to the end of the night (she had given Rhino her phone number and email address, but later told me that she really now wanted to get it back and didn’t want him to contact her).

Payton had prepared for tonight, though, and we retreated to the other smaller hotel where he had secured a room with three beds in it. We all went back to this hotel – Payton was with another girl whom he had established ‘he doesn’t pay for women’. Rhino hung out with Baby Girl near the pool, and didn’t even bother to try and get action from her. He was happy to have found a place that continued serving cold beers at that hour. There was also Adam who went into wild man mode with another girl he met, and myself and Alexandra. We said our goodbyes around 4 AM, I think.


I go for breakfast around 9 AM and very shortly after Payton joins me. Both of us don’t sleep that much at night and we ended up spending several hours just talking that morning. We got to spend a lot of time together at these breakfast meetings this trip, as the others sleep in and we were both up and hungry each day.

After we went back to our rooms, collected our notebook computers and headed over to Rocky’s where Rocky had generously offered us to use his wireless Internet set up for free. He came over to help us get on-line and ended up spending about a half hour helping to optimize the speed of my computer. This was very generous of him and very unexpected, as I had just met him.

After our time on-line, we headed back to the hotel where we met with Rhino and Adam for lunch.

While Payton and I were away, Rhino and Adam had noticed 2 girls checking them out, and who followed them into the restaurant. They were clearly interested, so Rhino & Adam made a note of this for later. One of them was the girl Rhino had spoke with at the buffet the day before.

Following lunch, we headed out to the public beach that we had been told was much nicer than the beach near the hotel. We found the beach, which was a relatively short walk away but we faced a gauntlet of street vendors as we got nearer. Deals were clearly available – I don’t remember the item, but we were quoted 300 pesos for four of them. Payton offered 100 for each of us and he was ready to do it! You need to negotiate there for everything – Rocky hooked Payton up with someone for him to exchange US money to DR pesos and this connection saved him almost 11% from what others had been charging him.

We walked down a street by the water that was a sort of boardwalk (without the boards), with everything you could want available (Dominican style). The vendors were all approaching us, offering us anything we could want. They were extremely aggressive, some saying “I just need to talk to you for a minute” or anything they could come up with to get you to pay attention to them. Some of the things offered were interesting, and we agreed to come back the next day when we had some more money with us.

We walked along the beach almost to the end and ran into an older man with a box on his shoulder. He was selling fresh oysters – Payton and Rhino tried one and immediately wanted more. We sat down at a table along the water but off the beach on the boardwalk and for 200 pesos (about $6 US) the man prepared 24 fresh oysters that were quite outstanding. When he left he said we had agreed to 300 pesos. We argued and then paid him (since at $9 it was still very cheap), making a note to make the price very clear among a few people so we didn’t get taken again.

We also noticed someone serving Coco Locos, a tropical style drink in a freshly cut up coconut and Payton ordered four of these for us (in the end, 4 tropical drinks, 3 beers and a bottle of water cost about $21 US – Payton claimed those drinks in the fresh coconut are about $15 each in Cancun). I very rarely drink, but those Coco Locos got me pretty sauced.

We met several people selling a variety of things and made plans to head over there with more money the next day. We said hello to a few women on the beach and we ended up seeing most of them at the nightclub in Sosua later on. The public beach seemed to be the place to go – one of the vendors offered us an array of fresh seafood the next time we go and made it sound extremely tempting. When I say fresh, I mean still breathing on a wire dripping wet fresh. At one point someone said, “who needs ladies,” and we realized we were having a better time without them than with. They’re just a condiment of life. This day on the beach was one of the highlights of the week, the one we will surely remember whenever we think about this trip.

After returning from the beach (which we did pretty late, after 6 PM), we had an 8 PM dinner reservation at one of the hotel’s restaurants. As such, we didn’t get to crash out as we usually did each day late in the afternoon to recharge. So we were all pretty draggy at dinner, which seemed to take a long time. We had planned to go to Cabarete – which is a city or town about 15 minutes away. It is supposed to be a very popular tourist town known for windsurfing and a better quality crowd than we were seeing in Sosua.

After dinner, however, we were sitting down near an area where there are pool tables and other games, and three young girls and a 14-year-old guy all from the UK started up with us. Earlier in the day Rhino had played foosball with the girls but had discovered they were too young. In particular we had Megan after us, who was 17 years old and in the process of discovering her sexuality. She made a few blunt remarks that were mostly teases, but was hard-core after us to get her beers. She came to our table to show us how she chugged 4 glasses of beer like water and kept after us to get her more. She was smoking cigarettes, drinking, and eventually told us she had lost her virginity at 13.

Her friends with her were a blond girl who had the 14 year old guy hanging on her. He seemed to be doing pretty well with her with his arms around her and Megan and her friend were trying to figure out if the little guy was going to ‘shag’ her. Payton noted that he was doing so good he’d make a prime coach in the future. He also made a point that we should note how much game a girl like Megan had at her age, and from that imagine how much further this would evolve; so we would understand how women get the way they are at different stages.

The other girl had a most prominent and remarkable chest for someone her age. These girls came around to hound us several times, with Megan and the friend with the chest blurting out how they found Ryan to be the best looking of our group. The chest girl speculated on all our ages and was surprisingly close on all of us. We finally left them (amongst a variety of pediophiliac and age of consent jokes) and instead of going to Cabarete, ended up back at the same disco club as the night before.

We came in there late and the private booth had been given away already, so they seated us at a table that was central, prominent, and overlooking the dance floor. Girls came around immediately and while some of them were forward, it seemed that we intimidated them and they would mostly stand around trying to make eye contact.

Two of the girls who we had met at the beach came by (they had told us they were sisters, but it turned out they were just very close friends) and one of them stuck to Payton. The other was trying to cozy up to me but I really wasn’t interested and she ended up hooking up with Adam.

There was another friend of theirs who was a most hideous beast, and between the 4 of us we nicknamed her “Planet of the Apes.” She never seemed to get the hint, and stood in the same place at our table for almost the entire night. At one point we got excited because Planet of the Apes left, but then there was the Return of the Planet of the Apes.

After we were there for a little while, I had a surprise visitor – Alexandra showed up at our table and went right after me. She was supposed to have left the city to go back to her home town which is three hours away, but now it seemed clear she stuck around hoping to see me again. She managed to communicate to me that she was having a lot of doubts about me as my friends seemed to be going with chicas (it seems that the two “sisters” were working girls, even thought Payton and Adam did not pay for them and made it clear to them that they do not pay for women) and that I was probably the same as my friends.

I frankly did not care, and told her (through Payton, who speaks Spanish) that she could just hang out or she can leave if she wants.

We were the hot commodity here, and any chance to spend time with us was a huge opportunity for these girls and, the same as it for hot women here. If they want to be difficult there’s someone else just waiting for her chance to take their place.

The table of girls in front of us had a few hot women that were pretending to not be interested in us. Ryan started talking to them, but they spoke mainly Italian or Portuguese so that along with our awkward location in relation to where they were standing made it difficult to engage in conversations with them. But they put up some challenge, which was rare and which became something we started to crave.


When I checked my email later that morning, there was an invitation in Spanish from Alexandra to put her on Yahoo Messenger. Later in the day, I came back to my room to get a few things before getting together with Payton and the guys to go to the public beach, and the phone rings in the room. I thought it would be Payton, but it was Baby Girl who was calling to translate for Alexandra. She starts asking me what I think of Alexandra and I tell her that I think Alexandra is a wonderful girl. Then she goes on, somewhat aggressively, to start with how Alexandra has a daughter and doesn’t want to waste her time and she wants to know what I really think of her, and is there going to be a future? I think this is quite much, but I told her that I had only seen her twice now and that I think these questions are very premature, that I think she’s a great girl, but to be realistic I am going back to Canada in a few days also. Alexandra got on the phone herself and said a few words, letting me know she was a little sad to which I told her not to be sad that meeting her was a good thing and to always be happy about that.

Meanwhile at the pool, Payton had started up with two 21-year-old girls from London, England who were staying at our hotel. They were taking the sun so Payton teased them that they need to do a lot better if they expect to have nice tans by the time they leave. They also happened to be the same girls who had followed Adam & Rhino the day before. Payton also commented it was strange they were British and yet they weren’t fat and their teeth seemed, well… alright – which they found very funny (an ongoing joke all week was about the British tourists who were almost all overweight and had bad teeth). We arranged to meet at their lounge chairs by the pool before we headed out to the public beach. When I came by, one of them, Hannah, asked how many were in our group. I asked her, “Why, how many can you handle?” which cracked everyone up. The other one, Emma, was quite attractive and claimed to have done some underwear modeling.

They ended up going with us to the beach and spending the day with us – it seems that they had tried to leave the hotel before, but as soon as they walked out they were harassed so they hadn’t left the hotel for almost the entire week they had been there. We told them they could join us at the beach and returned to the place we had been, but they were somewhat unadventurous and were unwilling to try the fresh oysters we ordered. They did take sips of the Coco Locos we ordered but were not open to having anything new, which they felt might give them food poisoning.

We arranged to meet them later on in the disco that is in the hotel where we are staying, but we ended up stiffing them.

After dinner, Payton found a cab driver and arranged to have him stay with us all night and take us to Cabarete. Cabarete is a somewhat more upscale area where there is a stretch of restaurants, bars and clubs along the main street, which also fronts on the water. It is apparently a good area, but it’s small. When we got there it was pretty dead (Tuesday night) and we were told that on the weekends it’s really jumping as there are a lot of visitors who come in from all over the island to party there.

So we hopped back in the cab and, following the cabbie’s advice, we went to Puerto Plata. The place we headed to was Mangu, a club at the Jack Tar Village Resort. The girl who was sitting next to Adam on the plane told him they would be going there and we had tentatively arranged to meet there Friday night. Jack Tar Village right away looked more like the kind of resort we were used to – much higher quality construction, design, etc. Mangu was also a more upscale place, as we had expected.

At this point we were completely uninterested in more Dominican women, mostly because they seemed to be, as I said earlier coin-operated. Actually, we had decided this earlier; just now we verbally made it official. We expected to meet more regular women, preferably tourists on vacation.

Payton used his “man’s man” principles and we were brought to a VIP section/private booth that was separated from the rest of the place by a small chain and was guarded by a bouncer who let people in and out. He told the bouncer to find all the hot girls and tell them they could hang out in the VIP section, so we wouldn’t have to look for them. He failed miserably at this.

Early on, Payton started up with a woman who was sitting by herself around the dance floor and brought her into the private area. She had a very bouncy chest and an equally flirty personality. She turned out to be working all of us at the same time.

Earlier in the trip I had asked Payton how he picks up a girl when out with another girl and he explained how, for example, he’d have one hand on the girl he is with while he talks and teases a waitress. Then he would come back to the same place another time when the waitress would be working and finish what he started.

This girl would put her hand on Payton’s lap and talk to another one of us at the same time – Payton pointed this out to me, remarking how she is a real player.

I spent a little time talking with her and found out she is a pimp – she had three girls working at Mangu that night (or so she said)! She flirted with all of us (I, of course, explained how I understood how she was jealous of the great chest I have).

Her tube top was constantly under pressure to fall down, and apparently while dancing with Adam her boobs popped out and she acted all embarrassed. She brought up how she was embarrassed when talking to Payton and he said, “They popped out like this?” And pulled her top right down.

She stuck around with us for quite some time but ended up leaving alone.

Next, the bouncer guarding our booth brought over two black women, one of which was very attractive but the way she pretty much immediately started dirty dancing with Payton I assumed she was looking for a customer. Nevertheless, Payton ended up kissing her and teasing her before she and her friend left (again, these two stayed with us for quite some time, probably and hour and a half or more).

While earlier in the evening we all kind of thought this was the best place we had been to so far in the DR, by the end of the evening there seemed to be an unspoken consensus that there were a lot of guys there and, again, the atmosphere lacked the challenge we originally didn’t realize we were looking for.

On the flip side, there were several fairly unattractive women who were being escorted by good looking Dominican men – I remarked that this was like those top ten lists, “You know you’re really poor when…” (…you will accept to get paid to have sex with a woman that looks like that).

Adding to the crowd (or detracting, depending on one’s perspective) was a transvestite, a midget who asked people for money, and a really fat white biker type looking woman – when I say fat, I mean ‘take pictures and circulate on the Internet’ fat. We stayed away from these ones.

When we were about to leave, the bouncer turned to Payton and said, “Where’s my tip?” Payton gave the bouncer a lot of hell for not having brought over acceptable women – he yelled at him that he had failed and that we’d be back on Friday and he’d have one last chance to redeem himself or else he’s just a total loser like most of the others out there.

Payton works everyone to get what he wants at all times – for example, the cab driver had doubled what he wanted for having to take us from one city to another after. At the end of the night, Payton negotiated with him and told him he could have what he wanted but he’d never see us again, or he could take what Payton offered, which was about 25% less, and take us around every night.

When he went shopping with Emma at the kiosks on the beach, she bought for 200 pesos a bracelet that the sales person had asked 1000 pesos for originally. Shopping with him is not only great because he has good taste, but, depending on the circumstances, he will make sure you pay as little as possible for what you buy.

Concerning negotiating to buy stuff, Payton said it’s not the money you are negotiating, as anyone could easily pay 3 times what they were asking; it’s the principle that they are trying to screw as much money out of you as possible you are overcoming. Then he mentioned how it had similarities to picking up chicks.

When we got to the hotel early in the morning (or really late at night, depending on how you look at it), there was a Dominican girl in a pink hat in the lobby and Payton started up with her right away, twirling her and teasing her. She was a guest at the hotel and was also just coming in alone, but spoke little English and mucho Spanish.

Payton had arranged with one of the kitchen staff to have food waiting for us when we got back to the hotel at 4 AM, and I went off to bed while the four of them went to eat. Adam also went off to sleep, leaving Payton who speaks Spanish talking to her while they ate. The chicken wings were really good, and while Payton worked her, Rhino went to town on the wings. She asked about going for a swim, and Payton said maybe she wanted a threesome. Somehow the girl got shifted over to Rhino who went back to her room with her but found her, as he later reported, unsatisfying. He slept there until 8 AM when her girlfriend called and was told it would be better if he left.


On the way back to his room, feeling somewhat rough to say the least, he saw Emma and Hannah in the restaurant, and decided to see what kind of trouble he could muster up. A quick change and he went to eat with them in the restaurant. Next they went for a swim and he suggested they come and wake up Adam (whom he was sharing a room with).

Once in the room, Adam knew it would be better to separate the two girls so a little smooth operating followed. Adam and Hannah ended up back at the girls’ room where Adam started making out with her (even though at the beach, Emma told us that Hannah didn’t like Adam and was interested in Rhino). Rhino was in the room with Emma and started kissing her, which she obliged to for awhile but then decided to stop saying she had a boyfriend. Since this is a common stall and it was obvious she was into it, he moved in again and they kissed some more but after a bit she stopped it again. So he just sat back to talk with her and see if he could figure a way around this while giving Adam some time to pound her friend like an old sack of potatoes.

Rhino pretty much gave up on her as she offered resistance, and then Payton called the room. Before Rhino could mention what had gone on, Payton was on his way over, and was surprised when Emma answered the door to let him in.

First he asked if he was interrupting anything to which Rhino responded no. Payton was a little confused and Emma she said she has a boyfriend and if she didn’t she’d have slept with him.

So Payton started talking to her, doing his thing. He asked why she had a pickle up her ass and she said how she didn’t. It was that she acted that way around Hannah, who gets mad since Emma always seems to score the hot guys.

She told him that she was actually a very sexual girl and had had sex with four guys at once, was into threesomes, etc. This was a total surprise coming from someone too chicken to try an oyster with us the beach.

Payton of course said talk was cheap and undid her bikini strap. She said this was no big deal as she’d been outside taking the sun topless all week – so Payton took her bathing suit top off and started playing with her breasts. She went along with this for awhile and then started resisting, again saying she has a boyfriend and doesn’t do those sorts of things when she has one. Apparently Hannah doesn’t know about her wild side at all.

Adam fooled around with Hanna and got her topless, but, as Emma had mentioned, she turned out to be a bit of a square.

This was another good lesson to not listen to what women say much of the time – for Emma to turn out to be so wild after her prissy behavior on the beach was so apparently out of character that we couldn’t stop talking about it.

We met for lunch on the far side of the hotel (where the buffet was significantly better than on our side, which is supposed to be the better end) and I was told about all these adventures that happened after I had gone to sleep.

Payton wasn’t feeling too well today and had an upset stomach. The night before he had drunk a lot of scotch, followed up by greasy food at 4 AM (mostly fried chicken wings, and after not eating dinner earlier as he wasn’t feeling well then either), and missing breakfast except for some fruit. As such, he went off to his room.

I called Payton a little while later from my room to find out that he had gotten food poisoning from the fruit he had eaten earlier, and was in his room with a doctor who had him hooked up to an IV.

One of the funniest things that happened that week was seeing Payton answer the door sick while towing an IV in one hand and holding a smoke in the other.

He sounded pretty bad but the doctor said it was a common type of thing that he had that visitors here get and that he should be fine tomorrow. This left Adam, Rhino and myself on our own for the evening and we made plans to meet at 8 PM for dinner.

Dinner, foosball, some pool and soon it was 11 PM, time to check out the disco in the hotel. It was very dead earlier in the evening, but started to get somewhat busy as the evening wore on. Rhino approached these two girls we hadn’t seen before, who turned out to be from France. They were sisters of Guadaloupan origin who were here on vacation. They only spoke French, and as my pitiful French is better than Rhino’s, I ended up speaking with them more than he did. The younger one, Sabrina, was the more attractive one, and the older one, Patrizia, seemed to be the prison guard who was only going to allow a limited amount of fun to go on.

I teased them (“How come you are so attracted to Canadian men?”), twirled them (one of Payton’s signature moves), and took pictures (I have a good shot of the two of them, one on each side of me, both kissing my cheeks). Despite all this, there were dead moments in the conversation and it seemed to stale out.

I asked Payton about this the next day, about those times when you just find yourself with nothing to say. He said that never happens to him – he always finds something to say to them. If it gets quiet, he’ll ask them “Why are you so quiet? Are you thinking about me?” or really just anything that comes to mind. Whatever is happening he will use it to keep things going – generally he escalates the energy of a conversation and if it is really starting to not go his way, he will end it (“I see this was a big mistake, I think someone’s calling your name, nice meeting you, ciao, see ya” and he’ll back turn them and wave his fingers at them).

The rest of the evening was somewhat uneventful, although the girl in the pink hat that Rhino got action from the night before showed up with her girlfriend (I had run into the two of them briefly walking by the pool earlier in the day). She clearly was interested in Rhino and came up to him and tried to get him to come back to her room. But he hadn’t had the same amount to drink this night as the one before and wasn’t interested in a repeat performance. What’s interesting is she even called his room around 5 AM after the clubbing was over to ask him to come over, but he told her he was too tired).

I teased her friend who was fairly attractive – she was standing at the back of the club while I was sort of in the center at the edge of the dance floor, so I gave her the Payton Kane point at her with two fingers, then point them back to your eyes, then back to her. Then I motioned with my index finger for her to come over. First she just laughed, and I did it again and then she came over. The girl in the pink hat (that’s just how I am referring to her, she wasn’t wearing a hat this evening) and her, who both didn’t speak great English, worked to give me the message that the black girl would see me tomorrow (after, I saw them with an older guy who was hanging around with them – I figured he was her “date” for the evening, possibly her customer).

Later in the evening I danced suggestively in front of her and when I passed by her she grabbed my ass and my balls (women in the DR can be quite aggressive – this was the second time a girl grabbed my balls this trip, and there would have been a couple of other times had I not stopped girls as they started grabbing me). Probably the most remarkable events of the evening were a number of funny comments we had about the people in the club, but other than that there was not much happening. At around 2:45 AM we called it a night.


Began with a call from Payton at 9 AM and he was sounding much better. We made plans to meet for breakfast where I found out he had slept a lot, woke up at 7 AM and had already been to Rocky’s to check his email. After breakfast I went to Rocky’s and spent a few hours on the computer – I also got to see a good selection of Rocky’s photos of his women as Rocky was there and he gave me a guided tour of his photo albums on his computer.

Rocky is a prolific womanizer who doesn’t go out to clubs. Women are constantly coming and going in and out of his hotel and he has been taking advantage of this in a big way over the 15 years he’s been down in the DR. He was very active when he was growing up (he’s originally from Montreal, and, in fact went to the same high school I did) but when he came to the DR he really went to town. It seems like he has sex at least once a day and has a good 15-20 women in his rotation all the time.

He told me about some of the times when he was back in Montreal and it occurred to me that he was able to get women into bed very quickly and consistently. He claimed that he didn’t really have a regular routine, that it really was just whatever he thought of at the moment. He gave me the example of how he had gone up to an attractive woman who he sees and starts off apologizing for being so forward, but that he finds her very attractive and would really like to have a drink with her. That didn’t really explain some of the stories he told, like how he was on his way to work in the morning once and was going to be 15 minutes early. On his way, though, he met this woman who he didn’t know before, took her home, had sex with her, and then got to his work only 10 minutes late.

Rocky also told me his definition of eternity – the time between the moment he comes and the time that she leaves.

I went back to the hotel after and found Payton and the guys tanning on the beach. We stayed there for awhile (I am the whitest of the group, as I avoid the sun – it is the number one thing that makes you look older and all doctors are in agreement that there is no safe amount of sun you can take) and then moved up to some tables near one of the outdoor bars where they could be in the sun and I could stay in some shade.

For the next several hours, we had a great conversation, with Rhino asking a number of questions about game (and taking what seemed to be prolific notes) and Payton talking a lot about his ideas. Rhino and I agreed that had we filmed our adventures with Payton, it would have made a blockbuster movie.

Payton mentioned one of his things that he would do once he got a hot girl’s phone number. He would then ask her if she fucks on the first date. All girls will say no and act somewhat insulted and he would then playfully crumple up the paper with her number on it and toss it away and say “Well, nice meeting you!” He pointed out that how you do this is critical, as it has to be very playful. Usually after he does this, the women will laugh, slap him and tell him that he’s “so bad.”

Payton is all about controlling the interaction at all times, taking it where he wants it to go. We talked about how many women are bored by men – if you don’t challenge them mentally, they lose interest very quickly. These are typically the women that interest Payton the most, because they usually can give as good as they get and they are the most fun for him.

Adam told us the story of how at 16 he was in a terrible ski accident and spent two weeks in a coma, had brain surgery, was in the hospital for 6 months, and how he had to relearn everything, including English, all over again. This experience has made him really appreciate life and given him a new perspective on things. He seems to have had some very attractive girlfriends over the years even though Payton describes him as having had zero game until after he called in to his radio show and started learning about Seduce and Conquer.

Since then he’s become one of Payton’s star students, who Payton says has the charisma and balls to become exceptionally good. He’s had some excellent results since he started learning from Payton, and has picked up a girl almost every time they went out together.

Thursday evening started off with us meeting at 8:30 PM at our hotel’s seafood restaurant where we had dinner reservations. There were three restaurants in the hotel that offered supposedly better meals but you needed to make reservations to eat at these, and seats at these places for the same evening were usually gone by 11-11:30 in the morning.

As we came in I noticed the two Guadaloupan sisters sitting at a table next to where we were being seated, and three new women I hadn’t seen before (two of which were quite attractive) sitting in a table next to them.

I spoke to the sisters for a few minutes, which was no doubt noticed in minute detail by the three other women. I had the distinct feeling that they were checking us out big time.

Shortly after things settled down, two strolling minstrels came by and started playing music by our table. I thought that would make a good picture. At this point in time, the sisters had finished and left so I went up to the table of three women and asked one to take a picture – they also didn’t speak English but spoke French. The hottest of the three snapped a great photo of our table with the musicians.

Payton remarked that going up to them to have them take the picture was a good idea and that I handled it perfectly – we weren’t interested (from what they could tell) in them, but they could take our photo. A seed well planted, which will hopefully be harvested before the trip is over.

Rhino ordered a grilled salmon and spent what seemed like forever eating it – we only left the restaurant at about 11 PM and he was still picking at it.

There was a large table (maybe 20 people) from the UK sitting near us who seemed to be celebrating one woman’s 60th birthday. This was a collection of a number of particularly unattractive people, and at the head of the table nearest us was an older blond woman who was drunk and who’s apparent boyfriend seated next to her was telling her to shut up from time to time, and who appeared eager to get her back in their room alone so he could smack her.

The disco at the hotel was empty, but the air conditioning was the best we’d experienced since being in the DR and we planted ourselves there. The place never quite filled up that evening, but there were probably about 40 people in it at its busiest moment. The girl in the pink hat and her friend showed up at one point and Rhino avoided her. Her friend waved and smiled at me from across the dance floor but the vibe was that she wasn’t coming over – later on, it was clear why. The older guy who was around with them the night before came by and hung out with them, and put his arm around the friend numerous times. It was clear he liked the experience of the night before and was back for more (whether he had paid to be with her/them or not was information that was not available).

The three women from dinner showed up at one point but didn’t stay long, and there weren’t many reasonably attractive women in the place, let alone single women.

At one point when things were particularly quiet, I remarked to the guys that walking downtown to the club and having our balls grabbed was starting to sound appealing again.

Payton approached an attractive blond girl who was in jeans and who was a very good dancer (she seemed to be there alone). He was getting along with her really well when at one point she tells him she’s only 15 years old! That was the end of that, he replied with “I can’t talk to you anymore” and left her; but we of course teased Payton about it relentlessly. Not much was happening at the disco, but when we finally decided to walk into the city it was past the 1 AM closing time of the bars.

Walking at night there is very sketchy and I remarked how we all came here together and we may as well go down together. Nothing seemed to be happening but there was a bar across from Rocky’s that seemed to be somewhat active. There were two girls and an older white guy there and the girls beckoned us over.

Payton quickly found out that they would serve us alcohol despite it being illegal at that time. They brought us in to the bar and then shut the garage doors behind us and that closed off the outside world.

Of course my first thoughts when those doors came down were that this does not bode well (Payton said the look on my face when the door shut was priceless). Fortunately, it turned out that the white guy, a man originally from the Netherlands named Jacob, was the owner and he and Payton hit it off.

He offered some good suggestions and shared some of his experiences down there. Apparently I fell asleep a few times and the Dutch guy gave me a few weird looks, which was funny as the other guys just acted like my behaviour was normal.

It’s only been a short time that this curfew has been in effect, but it has had a disastrous effect on much of the bar business. His bar, for example, only opens at 9 PM and now has to close officially at 1 AM most nights (2 AM on weekends), whereas not long ago it would be going all night long. Walking the streets at 1:30 AM the city is completely dead, which is very unusual for a tourist town like this.

At one point there was a banging on the garage door – it seemed to me like that was probably the police there to bust our sorry asses for our black market activities, but it turned out to be a couple who came in for some drinks themselves (the thunderous way they chose to knock left much to be desired at that hour).

After leaving Jacob’s place around 2:30 AM, we walked back to the hotel and ran into three other women sitting in the lobby eating some take-out food. Payton started up with them by commenting on the food and it turned out they were from New York City.

I left to go to the washroom and to get to sleep, but Payton told me after that one had been to the DR 10 times, another 18 times. Our immediate conclusion about any women telling us that is that they are coming here for native dick.

In any event, once they said that it turned off the others and nothing happened afterwards. The girl with the pink hat made another 5 AM call to Rhino, but any possibility she had had degenerated after first she complained about him ignoring her in the disco, and then she really did it by asking him to pay the hotel bill for her so she could stay another night there.


I took a chance that I might wake him up and called Payton at 8:50 AM and we met for breakfast just after 9. We’ve had some great talks alone at this hour while the others were still sleeping.

After breakfast we went over to Rocky’s to get on the net. Payton left before I did and I spent quite some time looking around for some Dominican cigars that had been requested by a friend. I didn’t find the requested brand anywhere, and was only able to find them from a vendor in a kiosk on the beach later in the day. Or, at least, so I thought. It turned out that the cigars were not the brand the vendor told me they were, but my friend enjoyed them anyway.

When leaving our hotel for the beach, we ran into Joseph, local guide who claimed to work for the hotel we were staying at to help tourists/hotel clients with their purchases. He stuck with us all afternoon as we did our shopping at the kiosks along the public beach. We bought some jewelry, cigars, men’s cologne (a steal, it seemed, at $10 USD a bottle, but which I found for $8 Canadian in an outlet shop a few days after returning to Canada) and Adam bought a small native mask.

We sat at a table at one point and ordered the pineapple drinks we had seen previously, which were served in a just cut up fresh pineapple. These were ok, but not as good as the Coco Locos of the other day. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the fruits there, but I also had to use the facilities at one point and I have had diarrhea for the past couple of days (starting while down there and continuing in diminishing strength for about 10 days after returning home). Before I left, I had taken Dukoral ( which is supposed to prevent that but I gather I might have been really, really sick had I not taken it. As it was, I was just using the facilities a little more often than usual. All the guys ended up using the facilities more than usual – obviously people who had told us before we left that they think the food is good here have no clue.

Payton negotiated great prices for most everything we bought down there – we picked up a number of jewelry items at this one place where the vendor wanted 4000 pesos when we started – Payton got him down to 1500.

He remarked that negotiating pricing is similar to picking up women – there are similar skills involved.

Payton noticed a pair of jeans that he thought looked really hot and I tried them on behind the desk in the shop. There was an older Dominican sales lady sort of helping out but she was after me. She said for me to let her see the way the jeans fit and then when I tried to communicate with her she put her fist up towards her mouth mimicking a BJ and smiling at me, calling me baby, etc. Obviously everyone here is an opportunist of sorts with a one track mind. She was pretty relentless but that wasn’t happening.

It has occurred to me that it’s pretty sad what is going on in this country because of the poverty and overall state of things. The guide Joseph told us that he would bring us tonight to where there will be women that we won’t have to pay, but as I have been thinking about this it seems that the women will offer sex or actually anything within their power to give you, to you because you are a North American and as such are larger than life to them. They simply will take any opportunity to interact with you, to potentially do anything that may improve their lives. So while you can probably not pay women for sex here, it’s because they are helpless to interest you otherwise in anything to do with them. If you are willing to pay for sex, they’ll accept that but their preference is to go for the jackpot where they will score big if you really like them and you take them away from this dead-end life. As such, it’s not the money alone that is important; it’s the hope that you represent.

Payton mentioned another important piece of the puzzle about how what was really the best part of the trip and of life in general. And that was the good times we shared with our male friends. The camaraderie we’ve had on this trip is the real highlight. He noted that when women go out they go out to have fun with their friends and if something else happened, that was a bonus. I also think many women envy the bond that guys can have with each other, as most women don’t trust other women and aren’t able to experience what a close group of guys experience when out together.

Payton’s game has mainly been about doing to women what they do to us, and he said that this is what life is really all about. Life doesn’t get better than having a great time with your male friends. You go out and have a great time and everything else, including the women, will come around. They are the appetizers and side dishes to the main course, and are there to add to your experience. Don’t focus on them; focus on having a great time and everything else will fall into place.

The last time I was with David DeAngelo, he also remarked to me that an important “Aha!” moment for him was when he realized that he stopped looking for the kind of connection he has with his male friends with women – women will never replace those relationships and once you stop looking for that from them, it’s very liberating. You are able to enjoy women for what they can bring you, not what you think they should be bringing to your life.


The upcoming section recalling the last day or so of what went on will be significantly more detailed than the reports on the previous days, because while waiting for our shuttle bus to the airport we sat around in front of the ocean and I cajoled the guys to go over the events of the previous night and remind me of details so that I can put them into this report. I think those reading this should read the upcoming section and understand that pretty much each day there was composed of a similar number of stories and snippets but that I didn’t remember them all myself.

Before going out, Payton had a couple of episodes that were interesting. He was crashed out naked on his bed in the afternoon and the chambermaid came in. He woke up and saw her and she was just standing there staring. He asked her (in Spanish) if ‘she liked what she saw’ to which she replied “Si!” Unfortunately, she was not attractive enough for him to pursue such an opportunity (but it’s a good story anyway).

At dinner, Payton teased the waitress repeatedly as she teased him that he was difficult, and how the staff all expected a hard time when he was coming around. Payton complimented the waitress (who, while not unattractive, was clearly not attractive enough) and after she left he told me that he always compliments women he’s not interested in.

In fact, he told me he does this on all of his dates – he’ll compliment the waitress, for example, and then tell his date that he always compliments women he’s not interested in. Then he’ll turn to her and say “By the way, you look fantastic tonight!” which, brings a laugh and tweaks them.

That night we head out with the same cab driver back to Puerto Plata to hit Mangu again. The women we had met on the plane ride in were supposed to be there that night. Adam had made an outstanding connection with the one who sat next to him on the plane so we were going to be on the lookout for their group.

We get to the place after 11 PM and one of the doormen, one who had stood guard at our VIP section last time, started off giving Payton a hard time saying he didn’t say goodbye to him when we left last time. Payton’s basic response to him was “Shut the fuck up and let me in, I’ll say goodbye to you tonight!” and the guy let us in. Clearly Payton’s frame was stronger and the guy just yielded to him.

There was a line up waiting to get in, but when we bypassed the line and walked in, the place was empty. We were led again to the same VIP section, and just settled in and waited.

We also saw the same bouncer who Payton yelled at (and didn’t tip) last time because he had failed to bring any women to us. The guy was doing everything he could to win Payton’s approval and at one point said to Payton that he likes the way Payton treats him (which was yelling at him and giving him shit – a lesson Payton pointed out to us about how nice guys finish last and you have to be in control at all times of everyone around you).

He told Payton that he has nothing but he wanted to give him something. So he gave Payton his baseball-style cap, which Payton didn’t want but the guy begged him (practically on the verge of tears – and you need to know what this guy looked like to appreciate this as he is about 6’2″ tall, well built, a very cool type guy) to take that gift. It was as if it meant the world to him for Payton to accept that gift. Payton saw this and took it (but at the end of the night, Rhino left it on a post outside the club as we walked towards the cab).

It seemed to not be his fault that he couldn’t bring women over – the very few white ones there were into the Dominican guys and the black ones were all about being paid. Payton of course still blamed him for not bringing any women over, even if there weren’t any.

One of the first women to come over was this Beyonce look-a-like that Payton had made out with last time we were there. This girl is tall and slim, very, very attractive but is a working girl. She comes over to our VIP section and Payton twirls her, then he started busting on her about how she wants him so much but because the last time we were there he wouldn’t pay her anything she left. She hung around for a little bit, we took some pictures of her, including her noteworthy ass, and she was clearly after him hard-core.

At one point, she disappeared for a while and then came back. She came again over to our VIP section but this time Payton waved his index finger (motioning “no”) at her. She came closer and tried to kiss him but he pushed her away. She told him she wanted to make love to him and he told her she couldn’t afford it. She asked how much and he told her $1000 a night, and she responded that usually men pay her.

Payton, however, is extremely aware of what is happening around him and in front of him and he told me that he told her that he noticed that she had fresh make up on, and that she had probably just finished doing a customer and she wanted to feed that to him and he wasn’t interested. She looked like she couldn’t believe what was happening.

Payton told me later that his ex-wife was a super-model and he knows fresh make up when he sees it (he is also an image consultant and notices everything). Fresh make up like she had takes at least a half-hour to put on. She spent the rest of the night dancing with other guys (an obvious attempt to make him jealous) and staring at him.

We also ran into the pimp chick with the boobs again. This time she was wearing a bustier with straps so she couldn’t spill out like last time. She was just the ultimate player – continually playing all four of us. She started telling me the story about her boobs falling out last time (I had gotten the story from the guys, so she didn’t know if I knew what had happened) and I told her “Sure, sure. You did that on purpose, admit it” which she laughed and said no she didn’t. I told her the same thing had happened to me – I was dancing with this girl and my penis fell out of my pants.

She would put her hand on my knee and talk to Payton and I just pointed this out to her, telling her she’s such a player. I saw Payton play his cheek kiss trick on her – he points to his cheek and as she goes to kiss the cheek, he turns and she ends up kissing him on the lips.

At one point when I was standing up, I watched as she was trying to feed olives (the club served us a dish of olives which were on toothpicks along with bottled water for the bottle of Johnny Walker that Payton ordered) to Adam and Rhino (my take was that Rhino was her target, as he was acting the most uninterested in her). Rhino was not going for it, and then she put an olive in between her lips and offered it to him. He refused, but Adam told me later that he had taken advantage of her offer. Rhino apparently also would tease her – he first would run his hand up hers as she tried to get a toothpick for olives and then would drop the toothpick on the floor till there was only one (his). Then he’d take an olive on a toothpick, appear to offer it to her and as she moved to take it he would put it in his mouth and eat it. He also made a habit of dripping olive juice on her before eating them.

Payton pointed out that the place was almost all black – there were very few white people in there. Finally four acceptable looking white women came in and later on Payton sent the bouncer who offered his hat to him to go and bring them to the VIP section. He came back and told us that they were only interested in Dominican guys.

The four women from the plane were there, but they were all hooked up with Dominican guys. We were told by one of the Dominican guys we met before leaving the following day that out of all the girls who come to the Dominican, Canadian girls are the easiest – give them a little rum and it’s over.

Payton talked with one of the four from the plane – he asked her how her trip was going and she said they were having a great time. When she returned the favour and asked him, he said it was good with his friends, but otherwise it was terrible. He told her this was a great place for people with no game, since they only come here to hook up with the help (which was a backhanded insult).

For much of the night I had my own cheering section of chicas who were staring at me, blowing kisses at me, smiling, etc. but I just smiled, winked, and looked away. A few came up to me but I was not into these women who not only barely spoke English (if they spoke any at all) but who were looking for a customer.

Payton was having enough of it as well, and remarked how he couldn’t wait to go home and have a girl say no to him. He said he could see one telling him to fuck off and he’d start thanking her!

There was a very hot chick in a hat that was spending most of the night on the dance floor. Independently, Payton and I noticed that she seemed to be turning all the guys who approached her away. Payton told me after watching this he went up to her and said “Hey baby, what’s happening? What, do you think you look sexy in that hat?” She asked him where he’s from and when he asked her where she was from, she grabbed his balls (which basically ended his interest).

The cab driver spent most of the night yawning on our couch in the VIP while waiting for us to finish so he could drive us back. But he surprised us by buying a number of the chicas drinks (none of us bought the girls any drinks) and was dancing with a few of them (once while on the floor he ignored Payton, which was really funny but you had to be there).

The short, ugly, extra chunky fat blond woman was there with her “chico” again (I thought we should start a website called as was the midget, the transvestite, and a few others who were apparently paid to be there as different members of the crowd.

Later on both evenings that we were there, the club brought out some very hot women to dance both on the bars and in the suspended cages.

Again I noticed a number of unattractive white women there with Dominican guys, who appeared to be paid personal entertainment. Also there was the tall blond woman that had this scarecrow look and feel about her – she must have had spent some money there as she was also let into the VIP section (there was room for 3-4 different groups in this area) and was with a somewhat more attractive but also older brunette friend of hers.

Later on during the evening it seemed that the two of them had a fight and the friend left. The blond tried (desperately, but acting cool about it) to get into our group, repeatedly coming over and asking for someone to light her cigarette, or to ask the time. But scarecrows were not doing it for us either, and no one encouraged her attentions and fortunately she didn’t push it.

As you can see from the above about the Friday night, we had a really great time out even if no one got laid. The other nights were more or less similar to this description, only I didn’t recall as many details. The night ended comparatively early, with us leaving and getting back to our hotel before 4 AM.

Our last day was spent mostly sitting around the beach area waiting for time to pass. I met Payton for breakfast then went to Rocky’s one last time to check email, and then joined Payton in the pool. We talked for a while and then I suggested we have lunch and then check out (we had arranged a late, 2 PM check out time) which we did.

After that, we hung around the bar at the beach. Eventually 6 PM arrived and the shuttle bus took us to the airport. We wanted to use up our last pesos and Payton wanted to buy some duty free Johnny Walker Blue. He ended up buying a bottle but the price wasn’t that much different from what he would pay in Canada. The duty free store that he bought that at was a combination coffee shop, gift shop and snack food shop.

In a box on the floor was a toy, a motorized ball with a weasel attached to it called “Weaselball.” I remarked, as I had about a number of odd things we saw over the tip, how this is the kind of thing I would expect to see in Rhino’s apartment (he was sporadically picking up shovels, plants, and other offbeat items for a variety of off the wall reasons) and he realized he really liked the toy. He bought it and I told him all his friends would now be coming over because he will have a weaselball in his apartment. Payton would roll his eyes (as he did frequently over Rhino’s oddball ideas) but at one point came back from the bathroom cursing Rhino as he couldn’t get that damned weaselball out of his head, and said it out loud while standing at the urinal!

The flight was very pleasant although none of us (in our four aisle seats) got seated next to any attractive women and in fact we came in a half hour early (as it was a charter, as soon as they checked everyone in, they were able to leave).

Adam again was a star on the plane, with the first words out of his mouth triggering the flight attendant’s interest.

On the way out of the airport, after passing through Canadian customs, we passed the four chicks that we had met on the airplane to the DR, including the one that Adam sat next to and thought he had connected well with. As we walked by, Rhino turns to them and (after some very brief pleasantries like did you have a good trip, etc.) and says “Be sure to get tested!” which totally cracked us up and in many ways was symbolic of what we experienced in the DR.

While it was Adam’s first trip, this was my third week away with Payton and we all agreed that this was far and away the best trip we had taken so far. The smaller group, the chemistry between us, and the unique circumstances all contributed to a great time.

Interested in Dominican real estate?? Leave a comment and I’ll hook you up.

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