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Read this short Q and A with Badboy and thougth I would repost it as it contains some useful info.


Hey BadBoy,

I was out with a girl tonight and everything went well, I made out with her and she said I am so cute and so confident. The energy was good and she always took my hands when we were dancing. After a while we decided to leave I told her I’ll drive her home.

So now there is problem… I had no idea how to get a smooth transition from make out to close somewhere. We walked to the car, she was very tired and I didn’t try to makeout with her. Then in the car she was almost asleep. I didn’t know what to do either and in the end when I dropped her off I couldn’t get a reason why keeping her in my car or anything that was smooth.

I feel that I could have closed her even earlier but I just didn’t know how to make it smooth.

My problem is that I don’t just want to push too hard, because that would ruin the whole rapport if it failed, and she would think I just wanna fuck her and she wants a boyfriend.

Would you say when you want a relationship it is better to wait a little longer with sex so she won’t think you just want to fuck her or just go for it?




That’s why you don’t make out too much inside the club. You do make-out for Rapport purposes and then wait to get to a closing location (car in your case) to escalate further.

So you do 1-2 short make out sessions in the club, and wait until the car.

When you get to the car, she is still kind of hungry for the make out, and then you do following:

1) Put her in the passenger seat.

2) Pull up the hand break.

3) Start making out intensely.

4) Start kissing her neck and fondling her tits (getting more sexual in general).

5) While still making out, start leaning back on your seat, so she needs to lean IN towards you…

6) While she leans in, the hand break will start hurting her around the hips (its still UP… remember??) and she probably lying over hand-break to reach your mouth.

7) So she is HORNY, sexual, and the hand break is making her uncomfortable… Notice this and say, "Let’s go to the backseat… its uncomfortable here.” She will easily agree. You get in the back seat and let her follow…

1-7 happens very fast, usually between 5-10min

8) Start making out again and this time get more intensely sexual… Touching her tits, rubbing her pussy over her jeans, etc…

Then when you see she is ok with you touching her pussy over her jeans, after 3-5 minutes put your hand inside the jeans, and go for the pussy directly. DON’T HESITATE! If you hesitate, she will feel uncomfortable, and will think you are insecure. Girls love guys who are comfortable with their sexuality and they need to be lead into the escalation confidently. At this crucial moment, there is no time for flinching..

9) Three minutes later, when you have a finger in her, unbutton her pants and go down with your mouth, going from her lips, over her breasts, over her stomach, stay little bit longer on belly, and then proceed towards the pussy.

While licking her pussy, unbutton yourself, get your dick out and grab a condom.

Don’t say anything or ask her anything. Lead and keep the momentum going. … If she wants to stop, she will say something to let you know. Otherwise stay in the moment and just put a condom on and fuck her.

For her, when she looks back she will perceive that IT JUST HAPPENED. When in reality, you had the whole sequence of escalations and goals already mapped out in your head to make sure that it went exactly where you wanted.

That’s how smooth whole process must be.

Carpe Diem,


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