To Juice or Not to Juice…

Should You Take Steroids?

There was an old Bobby Rio saying, “You want to fuck models? Do steroids and sell coke.” Not that I ever followed that saying, but it sure as hell did seem like all the roided up coke heads were fucking the hotties… atleast they were fucking the hot club skanks.

Its funny cuz all girls say that they hate roid heads yet they’re all over those guys in the clubs… I guess its the same as when we say we hate the club skanks… but put is in a club and those are the ones were looking to open.

So does simply juicing get you girls.. Its tough to say. I have heard of “the glow” from a lot of guys. “The glow” is a state you’re supposedly in while on roids where you’re just a chick magnet. It doesn’t even really have to do with the physical changes. I think it has more to do with all the excess testosterone pumping through you veins. I did have a friend who was chasing this girl for a couple years. Never even hooked up with her. 2 weeks after starting to juice he got her. He was convinced. I wasn’t.

I think a lot of “the glow” has to do with self confidence. If you’ve heard other people talk about the glow enough and you really believe that its true… you kind of trick yourself into experiencing the effects. Kind of like visualizations. You act as if its reality and it becomes reality.

Personally i’ve seen way to many professional wrestlers die in their thirties from heart attacks to mess around with the stuff. The other draw back i see is that guys start getting big and next thing you know one cycle turns into three or four. Then you start to believe you can’t get laid without the juice. Kind of like baseball players believing they can’t hit the ball with out the roids.

Yes Bobby advises you just say no to the roids. If you insist at getting big check out for workout supplements and good articles on how to get in shape.

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