The Art of Peacocking

I recently stumbled across an ebook by a guy named Cain Cox. The subject of the ebook was peacocking. Anyone who has read Neil Strauss’s The Game or is familiar with Mystery knows how much significance these guys place on peacocking.

My personal feelings on peacocking are mixed. I will fully admit that I went through a stage where I was adding all kinds of accessories… most things that I would never previously considered wearing. And to tell you the truth it worked. I would have girls coming up to me in bars asking me about my white skateboarders watch, or my homemade RIO necklace. Peacocking definitely got some conversations started.

My problem with peacocking was that I never truly felt comfortable wearing the get ups. This translated into my confidence level. I felt like a poser so, so my inner game was not up to par.

I will say that many many of my friends are master peacockers and clean up at bars and clubs because of it. For them they feel natural doing it so it works. Will it work for you? There is only one way to find out.

Below is a newsletter I recieved from Cane Cox about peacocking. It is definitely a great introduction to the art of peacocking, and if its something you interested in you might want to check out his ebook. Here’s the newsletter.

The Art of Peacocking by Cain Cox

Peacock theory and its origins

The peacock theory as you would have guessed originally came from the beautiful animal that is the peacock. For years & years biologists tried to figure out why peacocks had such large & useless long tails that were in no way good to them. In fact many biologists believed the size of the peacock’s tail could hinder them because it makes it more difficult for them to escape predators.

(Q) In a world of ruthless efficiency weeding out evolutionary misfits, why in the world would a peacock evolve such a big, bold, colorful but clumsy tail?

(A) Quite simply to attract the opposite sex.

But then you ask yourself why on earth would a peahen be attracted to a peacock that’s at more of a disadvantage with a long vibrant tail?

The answer is Peahens want to mate with the best possible peacock in order to have the best possible offspring. But because peahens only see the peacocks in the mating ritual, she has little time to decide which is the best possible peacock to chose. So the peacock with the biggest & most colourful tail usually wins based on just those assets. It takes a clever, fast, healthy peacock to have such a ridiculous disadvantage and still survive. The bigger the tail, the bigger the disadvantage and the better the peacock has to be in order to survive. Though not useful by itself, it is useful in instantly communicating something that would normally take a long time to observe.

So now you are probably thinking what’s this got to do with peacocking using bright & colorful clothes & accessories to stand out from the crowd?

It’s exactly the same principle, by dressing eccentric & stealing the spot light by standing out in bland crowds, you will likely have to deal with a LOT of social pressure for being different to society norms. So when you dress very outlandish & appear larger than life & you are congruent with your image & confident with your persona, then you are conveying that you can deal with immense social pressure, which in itself is of higher value.

Also peacocking in a club is a great way to be indifferent to the hordes of next guys. By dressing exactly like the lame guy who just got blown out & the next lame guy who’s goner crash & burn, you will be seen as those guys. You will be painted with the same brush.

In a club, a woman gets hit on soo many times & has soo many opportunities to get with guys BUT she hasn’t got time to get to know them all, so over time she builds an auto pilot response to shut down a guy’s effort right from the second he opens his mouth. A great way to combat this is to be indifferent to the other guys. By dressing differently from other guys, you will avoid the auto pilot blow outs which every hot woman has in her arsenal. .

Peacocking is not just a tool used to prove you can deal with social pressure, peacocking is also a golden way to stand out & to give hot women a reason to approach you . So even if you just wear one interesting or unique item, it will give hot women the chance to initiate conversation with you.

By peacocking & showing a massive indifference to the timid masses, you are also subconsciously conveying that you are SUPER confident & live in your OWN reality. These are also high value traits that women lust for.

So by peacocking effectively you have everything to gain & nothing to lose.

BUT for those people that do not know how to peacock effectively , peacocking will likely be more of a hindrance & do you more harm than good. In my eBook The art of peacocking’ I go in full detail about everything that’s directly & sub related to peacocking. For instance, some guys have absolutely NO dress sense, so they look dreadful but then they try to put themselves in the spot light by peacocking, then they have the nerve to wonder why they got bad reactions.

When guys do not understand the concept of peacocking, things can go horribly wrong. If you peacock non effectively, it will get you attention but the wrong type of attention.

Another deal breaker of bad peacocking is when someone is totally incongruent with the image they portray. For example I have seen many guys copying other people’s identities therefore making them totally incongruent. Another example is a guy trying to dress out of character but just has NOT got the confidence to pull the look off. He ends up looking like an insecure loser. Some guys just don’t know what their OWN identity is.

I am a top fashion consultant/ dating coach, and it truly amazes me how bad of quality most of my students dress. Now Im not going to put a limiting belief on you suggesting dress sense & looks are everything because they are truly not but they do help & why not put your best possible self forward?

Why Not dress to the best of your ability & drastically improve your first impressions on people. I promise you that if you take my advice & apply it, you will have much better responses from women. The way we dress remarkably affects the people we meet & it greatly affects how they treat us. Fashion is another form of communication. Also remember that people who dress really bad convey they have lack of social intelligence which is a low value trait.

In my eyes before you consider peacocking I would recommend you master the art that is fashion. Because without ANY dress sense peacocking will be very difficult if not a hindrance. In The art of peacocking’ I cover basic fashion sense right the way up to mastering the art of fashion. I give tips on what’s HOT & what’s NOT & I cover everything that you will EVER need to know in the fashion department. I confidently predict that by taking my advice that I list you will be better dressed than 99% of the world’s male population & you will have an unfair advantage over them.

From bland to bold

Now im going to show you how to subtly change your image from an average timid guy in to a unique master of attention. On the two photos I have on display, the guy is wearing exactly the same outfit but in the first photo he is wearing no accessories & in the second photo he is peacocking effectively. Notice how much of a remarkable difference peacocking can be to ones image.

(1) In the first picture, the guy is not dressed all that bad but he is dressed more in a way to blend in rather than to stand out. His clothes are well fitted & the colours go together well but there is just no spark to the image. There are a lot of cool guys who can dress to this standard so this look will not be enough if you want to elevate yourself above the ordinary norms to get an edge.

Based on just this look, women will appreciate the fact that you have general fashion sense like the clothes fit well, the colours match Etc but there will be loads of other guys who will be able to not only compete but also better this look. The chances are you will not be noticed if you were amongst an average bland crowd. A good thing about this picture though is that the guy is dressing in such a way to compliment his slim physique.

(2) In the second picture the guy has a very eccentric personalized look going on for him. To achieve this feat he as only added a sailor’s hat, eye catching black & white striped fingerless glove, A belt and finally a purple & silver interesting rosary bead.

Now this guy looks far more sexual likes he’s oozing sex appeal. Also women will definitely notice him because he’s wearing some very eye catching accessories that grab the spot light. So he as effectively used the peacocking concept of standing out from the average norms. Also he is wearing some interesting items like the unique sailor’s hat & an eccentric fingerless glove which gives women reasons to approach him. Then add to the fact that it takes a confident person to pull this look off so he’s conveying confidence right off the bat. The sailor’s hat can be a great lock in prop too.

So overall this is a good example of effective peacocking because he can achieve all the concepts of peacocking by wearing some cleverly selected items that not only achieve the desired affect but they also make for a good look.

Have you noticed in the second pictured that even though he his wearing a few eye catching peacocking accessories, none of these accessories are try hard or out of place. All the peacocking that is on show fits perfectly to his whole overall image. Also notice that he is only wearing 3 colors to create this unique look.

Part 1 special feature look

Bright and Bold

As you can see in this picture, just by his bright & vibrant clothing he is conveying soo much personality & energy. This is a perfect example of using bright colours alone to create a very lively persona. This look is obviously only for the guys who are literally bursting with energy & are self confident enough to wear this outfit to their advantage. Whereas if a shy & subdued guy tried wearing this very same outfit he would probably look like a social misfit with no dress sense & who is trying too hard to hide his insecurities. By the way, red is a colour of confidence.

This outfit will make full use of ALL the concepts of peacocking. For starters you will clearly be noticed amongst a bland crowd when wearing something as bright & attractive as this outfit. Women will be drawn to you like a fly is drawn to a light bulb. Also by dressing this indifferent to the timid masses you must be confident & live in your own reality which are both traits that women lust for.

Wearing something as bright & off the wall as this outfit will give women every reason they could possibly dream of to initiate a conversation with you. So by wearing this bright whacky outfit you kill three birds with one stone.

How to achieve this look

As you are probably aware, this look requires very little effort to achieve a very eccentric look. The two most important parts of this outfit are the very bright red skinny jeans & the dazzling whacky t-shirt. The key to creating an outfit that’s very wild & colourful is to choose 2 colours (three colours max when using bright clothing) that are bright & still gel well together.

For instance red skinny jeans don’t work well with all body types (only really effective with tall &/or slim people) so if you are slightly overweight then I would advise you to use your own mind to chose something in place of the red skinny jeans. Red boot cut jeans maybe or even better would possibly be red flare jeans. As for the t-shirt, you will find the ideal t-shirt for you if you look hard enough. You could even just buy a very bright & vibrant plain t-shirt & decorate it with iron on transfers & lots of colourful badges to add that whacky & wild appeal.

The t-shirt that I have on display in this picture though is soo bright & colourful that I avoided wearing any necklaces or scarf’s because they would appear too much. A tip, if for whatever reason you think to yourself that maybe you are wearing too much at once then trust your instincts & take away some accessories. The last thing you want is to create an image that clearly shows you are trying too hard to look different by over doing on the accessories because it looks attention/validation seeking. That’s why in my eBook The art of peacocking’ I teach people the dirty little secrets to show guys exactly how to dress in such a way that you can wear numerous accessories at once & still not appear try hard.

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