Haircut Lessons From Rock Stars

A good hair style has always been difficult for me.. I have this annoying calick that fucks up most looks I’m going for. And I’ve tried them all. I’ve settled on my current short and spikey, but after seeing the girls go giddy over Keith Urban, I’m thinking about growing it out.

I’ve never been one to bring a magazine with me to the barber, but its not a bad idea. If you get a good hair stylist (she’s worth her weight in gold) they can probably duplicate most styles. I learned that the key to most hair styles in the creams and straighteners and shit that they put in it. I used to have my hair long but found it was too wavy and bushy. Only after dating a girl with naturally curly hair did I realize how you can manipulate hair to look any way you want.

Here are some cool rock star hairstyles I found on that will get you closer to that Boy Band ass you’re dreaming of.

Short and Spikey

This is a classic look that is good if you work an occupation where you can’t be to wild. This probably closest to what I’m sporting now. It’s good because you can get away with it in a board meeting, but you’re also letting them know that you don’t always play by the rules. Scott Weiland is seen here sporting the look. But if you’re Scott Weiland chances are you’ve dyed half the hair red, and the other half purple. Unless you’ve just gotten out of rehab and you have it half way normal like in this picture.
This is good for guys with higher foreheads.

Messy Layers

This hair cut is for those of you with a little more balls. This is a haircut that takes time to prepare and by doing so you’re letting people know that you want to make a statement. Its got a punk feel to it. Personally, I’m not a fan of this look for myself, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Here is Billi Joe of Greenday. He’s got the personality perfectly suited for this kind of look. It screams I want attention.

This is good for guys who are in an industry that will allow it. Guys in bands, artists, fashion industry, actors, pizza delivery guys…

Clipper Cut

Short all over with a bit of length left on top, the clipper cut comes across as slightly grungy, yet slightly sophisticated. Actually, looking at this, I would say my current haircut falls somewhere between this and short and spikey. This kind of look is for more serious kind of guys who want to show off a little playfulness without giving to much of their edge away. HAHA I sound like fucking Joan Rivers… But anyway, here is Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington sporting the look.

Though almost any guy can rock it, a clipper cut works especially well for guys grinding it out in more buttoned-up office environments or who like a more reserved style.

Medium Length Layers

Established by leaving numerous layers of chin-length hair, this cut epitomizes a confident, mysterious presence. Its a good look that you can pull off in any environment. This look has Johnny Depp written all over it. Here is Jack White of White Stripes sporting it.

Best for guys in their early 30s and younger, medium-length layers work well for guys climbing their way up the corporate ladder who don’t like dressing entirely by the rules set forth by the Man.

Staggered Long Layers

Ah. The ultimate rock star look. This is great cause it says “I’m fucking cool enough to wear this haircut so fuck off…” Are you though? That is the question you have to ask yourself before you tear out this picture of Tommy Lee and run off to your local beauty parlor. Its a great look because you can have a tshirt and jeans on and you’ll still look mucho fucking money!!

But I warn you… If you can’t walk the walk, and talk the talk, leave this one alone

I’ve always envied guys with good hair. My hair won’t allow for a lot these looks, so if yours does, don’t waste it. Go out and try something new. The haircut will work well with all the new peacocking gear you should be buying.

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