Man, I Miss Spain…(but I’m sure it don’t miss me)

I’m about to head off on another trip this week. Was supposed to head to Cancun with my girl, but because of the hurricane I’m heading to Vegas. Don’t worry… Bobby won’t be returning with a ring on his finger. And he’ll try to sneak off from his girl to keep posting while I’m away.

Packing my suitcase, I’m kind of feeling nostalgic for last years trip. It was about this time that a female friend of mine (yes, i really was just friends with her…at least at the time) and I went to Spain for 2 weeks. It was kind of on a whim. We knew we wanted to go somewhere different. I had been spending a lot of time in South America so we figured that Europe would be a nice change of pace. I had been to Spain with an ex girlfriend (Beth) years ago and remember it being a great place to party. This was back before the Euro and you could live like a king for $50 a day.

Anyway, last year Dina and I bought a couple plain tickets to Barcelona with the intention of buying one of those rail passes and hitting up Madrid, possibly San Sebastian. Our travel agent booked us for two nights at this posh hotel near Las Ramblas (the major shopping/tapas eating/beer guzzling street in Barcelona. Unfortunately, Bobby got a little too drunk that night, pissed in a plant holder, then proceeded to trash the plant… not realizing he was being filmed by security cameras. The next morning Dina and I were politely asked to leave.

Lucky for us there is such a thing as the internet. We searched hotels in Barcelona and hoteles en Barcelona and quickly found a great deal in a place even better than where we were staying.

Barcelona ranks up there in my top 5 cities. It’s got a fantastic nightlife… although Spanish girls are the most easy to talk to… The food is out of this world. I still tell people about the mussels we got there. The parties go all night. I remember about three in the morning Dina and I meet these absolute freaks and we try to score so hash from them. We wind up spending the night singing Frank Sinatra songs drunk off our asses with them. Until one of the guys started saying, what translated to “kill the girl” in spanish.

We were off. But not before scoring two nugs of hash. We were scheduled to leave for Madrid in a day so we searched hotels in Madrid and quickly found a place to stay. But after another night of heavy drinking we decided we weren’t prepared to leave wonderful Barcelona.

We wound up only making it to Madrid for 2 days. We did all the sightseeing. Checked out Casa Patas for a Flamenco show… All I remember from the night time is hanging out in the place called “Cool” it was a blast. We scored a bottle of Absinthe, snuck it in the place with us and got shitty to the point the walls talked.

All in All, Bobby gives Barcelona two thumbs up. Madrid gets a thumb and a half. Vegas will be fun, but my heart will still be in Spain.

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