Mystery Vh1 Pick-Up Artist Episode 4 Review

Michael Stoute here with the 4th (thanks guys, I was up late) review of Mystery’s new show The Pick Up Artist.

I must say that this has been my favorite episode so far. They finally went into full sets and showing you how to put it all together (if you didn’t know already) 😉 Knowing the canned material is important, as seen in the show, but what I feel most of these guys lacked is reading the female body language. Come on Joe W!!! WTF? That girl he was talking to was all over him! Did you see her lick her lips a few times and all he could say was “I like your smile too” or some sh*t like that?

The only one to pull a kiss close was Alvaro..but he had Mystery holding his hand the whole time. Now I’m not trying to take too much away from him, but I don’t see it as a huge accomplishment in a dark club with drunken people. I like Alvaro on the show but I’m not sure he going to make it much longer. He seems a little to cocky for this far into it.

Brady had a really HB on the line but let her go.. I was sitting here screaming at the TV “KISS HER, KISS HER!”, but he failed.. what a disappointment, he could have won the challange with that close. Instead he waited it out, she got creeped out and it fell apart.

My Pick:

I have decided that one of my new favored to win is Joe D (watch him get kicked off next week lol) I know he is a little heavy, but hopefully that won’t hold him back 😉 He wants to make it work so bad, I can see it in him. I feel he is going to make a break away in the next few episodes. Like it will just click for him.. Come on lightbulb!

And now for Scott and Pradeep…

Pradeep is really not getting this, he seems like a smart kid but I don’t think he wants it enough. He isn’t using the material given to him and what was he thinking with trying to pull that girl to the “VIP”. That action reminds me of the head push guys do when they want a blowjob. (which I talk about in my short ebook) You can’t force it. Joe W was perfect when he moved to the bar and that girl followed, Pradeep did the exact opposite.

Which finally brings me to Scott (who got the boot). This guy has probably grown the most compared to the ones who were remaining. I mean watching the little montage of him leaving at the end is a shocker! Even though he got kicked off the show, this guy has had a life changing experience.

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