Things Can Be Decieving…

Man, I’ve been in Vegas the last week and haven’t paid one bit of attention to the news… but when I got home today I was shocked to read the Owen Wilson had attempted suicide.

It kind of took me by surprise as Owen is one of my favorite actors and a guy whose life I always thought was perfect. He gets to act in good movies, he writes great screenplays, fucks the hottest hollywood women, goes to tbe best parties, hangs out with Vince Vaughn, and generally seems to be the kind of guy everyone wants to be around. I guess you can never truly know someone by the appearance that they put on.

Drugs are rumored to be a reason for his crash. I can’t comment on that as I don’t want to make any assumtions. I just want to wish Owen well….

And let this remind everyone that you can’t dwell on what you don’t have… because even those who seemingly have it all, can feel just as fucked up inside as the rest of us.

This is just makes me inclined to explore the other areas of life that are not so defined by our ego. Its not always easy to stay on a certain path. It is very easy to be seduced a certain lifestyle. I’m the fucking king of making wrong decisons, of letting my dick guide me to places I shouldn’t be, with women I should probably avoid.

Don’t want to get to philosophical with you… just came back from a indulgent trip to Vegas (stories will be coming soon) and this was just a shock as I am still experiencing withdrawal from the fun of the trip.

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