PUA Magic Tricks

Well, Mystery, a wannabe magician, brought the idea of using magic to seduce women. Am I totally into the concept. Not really. Have I seen it work. Definately. I used to have a friend D. who in college used to be the constant showman. He had about 3 good tricks he knew and performed that so many times that I grew sick of them. But you know what? The people seeing them for the first time were always impressed. He was always the center of attention. It used to annoy me and my friends, but he got laid… a lot!

That is why when I used to read about Mystery and Style incorporating magic into their routines and openers I wasn’t that surprised. I had seen first hand how in awe girls could be of a good trick. Plus, more importantly, it keeps the attention on you. Which is important if you want to beat out the other stooges fawning over her.

Here are some good tricks that I found. I’ve seen all three of them performed and they’re all impressive.

The floating dollar bill:

You crumple a borrowed bill into a loose ball, place it on your open palm, and suddenly… it rises from your hand and proceeds to float from palm to palm. Your hands circle around the floating bill (dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might work). You pass the bill back to your amazed spectators in the same condition it was in when you received it.
Do it surrounded, do it instantly! Watch the video here.

The Stealth Pen:

Put a pen through a dollar bill. And then show a perfectly in tact dollar bill. And a perfectly normal pen. Watch the video here.

The Black Time Machine:

A watch that tells any time a spectator picks. You hold it up to show no tricks. They pick a time. You hand them the watch. Boom! The time they picked!

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