How to Make Women Laugh

Making a girl laugh can be the easiest thing in the world, and at other times, can feel like an insurmountable task. This is because our sense of humors are not always the same as the girls we’re dealing with. ? If you enjoy this post I also suggest checking out a post I wrote called How to Make a Girl Laugh.

What to Say to Make a Woman Laugh

by Derek Vitalio
A lot of guys ask me how to be funny. After all, women all the time say they want to meet a guy who makes them laugh. The trick to being funny is forget funny and just be playful. If you’re playful, a girl will laugh. And the reason girls want to laugh is because they want to feel easy COMFORT around you. And one of the easiest ways to being playful is role play silly little fantasies in your conversations with a girl.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here are some playful role playing interactions that I had on the phone with a girl.


Sabrina: “yeah I like to take showers. So can you take me to a little shower fantasy”

Derek: “Sure, but we’d use olive oil instead of water. Olive oil is good for your skin right?”

Sabrina: “I think so-”

Derek: “Yeah, but olive oil won’t come through the pipes so I’d make you sit in the tub and I dump buckets of warm, hot olive oil down your back.”

Sabrina: “hmmmm”

Derek: “And slowly the tub would fill up with olive oil… and that warmth would spread all throughout your body… and then we’d jump out and our skin would be all oily and shiny”

Sabrina: “lol”

Derek: “And we’d leave olive oil footprints all over the floor as we ran around butt-naked trying to clean it up.”

Sabrina: “lol. Yeah, but why waste all that olive oil when we could make a salad out of it?”

Derek: “Smart thinking, we’d dumped 40 heads of lettuce in there, a few tomatoes, a few onions, and we’d have enough Caesar salad to feed an army.”

Sabrina: “lol”

See how I’m just making a rather ridiculous little story for her? And notice how it has a sexual connotation to it. When you wrap a sexual story in playfulness, women are not nearly as likely to resist it.

Derek: “So what’s your house like”

Sabrina: “I’ve got a pool in the back”

Derek: “Awesome! We can throw pool parties back there…”

Sabrina: “pool parties? uh-”

Derek: “Or better yet, I’ll dress up like Zeus and you dress up like Athena and we’ll be like gods and goddesses hanging out at the pool”

Sabrina: “lol yes! I like that”

Derek: “And we’ll fill the pool up with olive oil and get all greasy. And crush grapes with our feet. It will rock.”

Sabrina: “lol”

Derek: “Yeah… and we need to get a servant to hold up one of those huge Hossanah leaves and fan us down”

Sabrina: “Yeah… and I’ll blast the air conditioner so it goes out the window into the pool.”

Derek: “Damn, you’re good at this aren’t you…”

Notice how I have her laughing. Am I cracking canned jokes? No. Am I racking my brain to be funny? No. The silliness and laughter comes naturally from the playful fantasy.

Sabrina: “Yeah, I felt a spiritual connection on top of the vortex in Sedona.”

Derek: “Yeah, the most interesting thing happened to me while I stood on top the vortex…. ….I was standing up there and lo and behold my cell phone rings! Yeah, it was like the angels were phoning me!!”

Sabrina: “lol”

Derek: “Yeah, and what really shocked me was that I get perfect reception on top of a mountain vortex in the middle of nowhere yet I can’t get good reception in my own apartment. What’s up with that??”

Sabrina: “lol… yeah it’s terrible”

Derek: “Anyway, I get the phone and the angels start talking to me…”

Sabrina: “What did they tell you”

Derek: “You won’t believe this, but they gave me the secret of the meaning to life”

Sabrina: “Really? And what is the secret of the meaning to life”

Derek: “That can be yours for the low price of only $499.95!”

Sabrina: “lol that’s all?”

Derek: “Well, if you knew the secret, you wouldn’t think it was worth much more than that either–”

Sabrina: “lol… no, but didn’t you notice how commercial it is in Sedona?”

Derek: “Yeah… it’s like you can walk down from the vortex having had this incredible spiritual experience and walk right into McDonalds and… SUPER SIZE YOUR FRIES!!!”

Sabrina: “hahahahaha”

So be PLAYFUL and you’ll be funny. Be PLAYFUL and she’ll laugh. Be PLAYFUL and she’ll relax. Get the idea?

Until next time,

Derek Vitalio

If you enjoy this post I also suggest checking out a post I wrote called?How to Make a Girl Laugh.


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