Hot New Product “Renegade Rapport” Review

So I was kept busy this weekend reviewing a copy of Joseph Mathew’s new product, Renegade Rapport. I agreed to do the review for Joseph, mainly because I am a big fan of his e-book “The Art of Approaching.”  That book was one of the first I bought and really helped me understand the concept of approaching and opening.

This course is on a completely different topic.  One of the reasons I was interested in reviewing it.  Its all about creating a sense of deep emotional connection with a woman.  Its about creating that connection more rapidly than the usual three or four dates it normally takes.  The course not only teaches you how to create the rapport it takes to get them to sleep with you, but also helps for guys who have trouble getting girls super turned on in the bedroom.

This isn’t a breakthrough topic… there are others out there, but never heard any positive feedback on any of them.  Because this course was from somebody as respected in this field as Mathews I knew he would have to have something new and original to say. His reputation is on the line.

The course is absolutely huge (it took a big chunk of my week to get through it) It consists of 10 audio cds, a workbook, 2 companion manuals (these cover whats in the cds) 3 quick reference cheat sheets, and a three ring binder to keep everything in. You also get 7 Bonus Chapters on rapport secrets when order the course, but these are delivered to you digitally so you have something to review while you wait for the course to arrive in the mail.

I am always skeptical of rapport building courses because of the heavy reliance on NLP that most seem to employ.  Not the case with this one.  He keeps things real simple. There are some advanced NLP stuff in here. I’ve studies NLP so I knew what he was talking about.  For those of you who haven’t you’ll have to listen intently.  But he makes it easy enough to understand.

Many of the CDs are filled with interviews of experts who do a great job in really breaking down the concept of instant rapport.  Basically it is all about training yourself to experience instant with a woman and then leading her to experience the states that you’d like her to.  Unlike Speed Seduction where it relies heavily on memorizing patterns this is more about mirroring, and matching verbal and non verbal cues she gives you.  For you shy guys the course is great because it gives you skills to build the rapport before you actually open up your mouth to talk.

Much of the course is about training yourself to go into states that the girl will follow you into.  So if you get rapport with a girl, and you start to feel aroused, the theory goes – she’ll begin to feel aroused too!  (But only if you’ve got solid rapport with her!) That’s pretty much the basic concept behind Renegade Rapport.

Though Joseph did design Renegade Rapport tbe jumped right into so most people could start using it right away, if you really want to get  down and dirty with the technology, you’ll find yourself spending days reviewing the course and learning some of it’s advanced techniques. For the inexperienced student, there’s an inherent danger to learning a system that teaches you to “Seduce a woman before you even meet her.” That danger is that you could be so focused on getting rapport with a woman, that you may use it to rationalize not approaching her, or something like that.

But I think if used right, the techniques in the course can be extremely useful for anyone who wants to rapidly build feelings of comfort and then engage in attraction building. What else is good is that even if your into the Mystery Method, natural game, cocky/funny, you can incorporate this stuff into your pick-ups.

Overall, I give this course four stars out of five.  It won’t be for everyone.  Trust me, its long and filled with information.  Its not like his e-book which basically gives you stuff to go out and use right away.  But for the student who want to put the time in, it will pay off I’m sure.

If you want to check out the course click here.

I don’t think its available yet, but it is something you might want to put on your wish list.

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