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The Pick-Up Artist Winner Is…

kosmo-pick-up-artist.jpg Well, The Pick-Up Artist show is over and Kozmo is your winner. I don’t want the controvery to start on whether he is an actor or programmer or what. Cause it really doesn’t matter. Unemployed actors probably get less pussy than most successful programmers anyway. I think Kozmo deserved to win. Brady was alright, but I just never got the feeling that he was even into girls. If you go on his Myspace page you’ll see Brady is quite the Christian. I think he was uncomfortable doing half the shit he was told to do.

It seems like just yestersay this show began with Mystery, Greasy Matador, and J-Dog introducing themselves to the 8 misfits. I can’t say that I totally liked the way the show was done. I guess the student in me would rather have seen some more of Mystery in action. I would have preffered to see these guys actually picking up girls… not just bits and pieces of converstations. But you know I was thinking… these girls probably have to sign a release to be on TV… and what girl is going to be shown on TV falling for some pick up lines?

Our finale begins with a call from Mystery and an offer for the boys to kick back with M and his wings at their fave bar. No challenges, just straight up macking and dude time. Brady is immediately suspicious of Kosmo while an abnormally hyper Kosmo becomes incensed at Brady’s suspicion.

To the club they go, in their Bentley limo with the GME ON vanity plate bringing up the rear. The guys get into the swing of things: opening sets, canoodling, and in Mysterys case, snuggling a woman’s ear. It’s at the end of the evening when Mystery reveals their final challenge  they must makeover and teach two uber dorks (much like themselves eight weeks ago) the skills of Master Pick Up Artistry. Needless to say, Brady remains calm, while Kosmo freaks the f*ck out.

The boys are then introduced to their nerds,Kip and Dylan, and begin the transformation process. Kosmo struggles with the final challenge, stating that The first step is we need to¦Change everything. Brady concentrates on health indicators such as bronzing and shaving, while Kosmo drills Kip on the basics and repeats lines from Swingers incessantly. You’re so money! he claims. But will the ladies think so?

Dylan, awkwardly turns off a group of girls by swearing like a drunk sailor. He finally opens a set and bounces a cute girl to the VIP couch for some chatting and presumably, magic spells. Kip gets off to a rockier start but after a panic attack and a pep talk from Kosmo, manages to number close a hot, suspiciously drunk woman with promises of a pool party.

After deliberation amongst the Wings and Mystery, one final medallion is revealed as Kosmo begins to weep. Were sure the Joes are somewhere crying with him in spirit!

Brady got over confident with his stripper hookup. I really think he thought that he had it locked.

But Kosmo is reigned king.

At 12 tonight there having an addtional episode of the Pick-up Artist but I’ll review that another time.

For those of you looking to continue your education into the Mystery Method I suggest picking up a copy of Magic Bullets.

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