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Damn, I’m missing “The Pick-up Artist” already. It kept things interesting on Monday nights. Plus it really rejuvinated my in interest in the Mystery Method. I recently flipped through my copy of Magic Bullets and remembered how brilliant the book actually is.

Because of my nostalgia for all things Mystery related, I’m going to occasionally post some of the best advice Mystery and his cohorts have given out over the years.

Here is an article I found and have to agree with. Women love be told how they are viewed from the rest of the world. It is up to you to use that for your advantage. Here’s how…

Just tell her how you “view” her, and she will become that person for you, but only if she agrees and it is flattering for her. You are building a character for her, and she will play the role because she likes the way that the role makes her feel. Here are some examples of compliments:

“You seem like someone who really knows what she wants, I admire that.”

“You really care about your friends. I bet you will make a really good mother.”

You have a good energy.”

“I notice you’re the leader of your friends. Why is that?” “You’re a great conversationalist.”
“You’re a very classy girl. What are you doing in a place like this?”

“Wow you seem so confident with your friends, like you’re kinda the leader of your peer group. I just love your energy… -> Are you close with your family?'” [Going into next routine.]

“You have such an expressive personality … That’s a valuable thing in the entertainment industry.

There are a million women who are beautiful; I just came back from Florida, but how many do you think have an outgoing personality like yourself? I’m telling you, that’s a very attractive quality and a valuable asset.”

For more Mystery Method instruction check out Magic Bullets.

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