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I always enjoy Derek Vitalio’s newsletters and try to post the ones that I believe are worth reposting (which are many more than i post) This is a short and simple article on body language. You have to believe that body language is extremely important when it comes to interacting with woman. Its the first thing they judge to on.

To Attract Women, Move Deliberately by Derek Vitalio

The first step toward good body language is to move deliberately or
move in a controlled fashion. Remove any unnecessary movements
from your body language. Unnecessary movements come across as
nervous ticks in a sense. Instead, you want to move in a measured
and controlled fashion, slowly and deliberately with purpose. As
for your eyes, you want to hold your gaze steady.

Moving in a controlled fashion projects an attitude of power and
confidence that people pick up on without you having to say a word.
This means no fidgeting, no playing with your hands, and no
pacing. It means no shifty eyes, and no staring around a room like
you’re on the hunt or as if you’re being watched. It means don’t
cross and uncross your arms unnecessarily or tap your leg when
you’re sitting. It means slowing down the stride in your walk.

I had this one friend who was perfectly relaxed when he hung around
his friends in his house, but as soon as we would go out into a
public place, like to a mall, his whole body would literally tense
up. He’d cross his arms really tight up against his body and he
would never stand still in one spot. He always had to pace. You
could just feel his discomfort oozing off his skin, and it rubbed
off on anyone who happened to be around him.

Not only that, he would look around the room, turning his entire
head, looking this way and that way as if he was a deer or
something on the lookout for a hunter with a big shotgun.

I even pointed out to him his fidgeting and tenseness, and what
really surprised me was that he wasn’t even aware of it. In fact,
he got defensive about his body language and wouldn’t believe me
when I told him that he was giving off tense, nervous signals.

Now you may not be as body language challenged as him, but we all
have situations where we become uncomfortable in – many of us in
nightclubs for instance where there’s a lot of noise, bright
lights, and we’re surrounded by strangers we don’t know – and we
tend to look around the room with shifty eyes, turn our heads
quickly, and pace around unnecessarily. I know that for me in
particular, when a beautiful woman is near I tended to speed up and
walk more quickly than I normally did.

In uncomfortable situations you want to fight your natural instinct
to speed up, and instead slow down. Put everything into slow
motion. Move deliberately. Move with control.

For more great tips on attracting women with only your body
language, you’ll want to check out my Nonverbal Sexual Cuing

From your voice, to your body, to your eye contact, it has
everything there you need to succeed with women on a physical level.

Until next time,

Derek Vitalio

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