Best Job For Meeting Women

If you guys have listened to our podcast you know that I spent time working as a waiter during and after college. I can’t say enough good things about waitering jobs in terms of meeting women and building a social circle.

In a two year span I hooked up with 13 of my coworkers, slept with 5, had multiple nights of hooking up with more than one girl, had a gang bang (yes, I will tell the story one day) slept with 18 and 19 year olds when I was 25,26, I had double teams, orechsrated girl on girl action, and much much more.

I don’t say this to impress you. I say this to impress upon you that there is limitless possibilities in the serving business. Why? First of all, where else are you going to find a job where 90% of your co-workers are under 30? In a college town this works even better because you get all the college students (who we all know are notoriously loose) After work its pretty standard to grab a drink with your co-workers (this usually leads to a few drinks) You’re working side by side with these people in a social environment, you really have no choice but to befriend them.

Of course all of this depends on your ability to infiltrate the circle and be the go to guy of the restruant. Coming from college where I was throwing the best parties this was relatively easy for me. Once I got in with everyone I became the ring leader. I organized the night outs, had the after party at my apartment, organanized ski trips, vegas trips, and the like.

I would suggest scouting out a whole bunch of different restruants. Go to these places at different times of the day to see what the staff is like. Narrow it down to the three places with the youngest, hottest staff, and then put applications in to those three places. Then try to talk to some of the waiters to find out what its like to work there. Some places are more strict then others. You want the place that has the most relaxed atomoshere. Finally take the job.

Trust me on this one. I plan on writing a report fairly soon on ruling a social circle. That report will apply directly to working in a resturant. Look out for it.

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