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Tips for Closing on the First Date

I find that getting laid on a first “date” seems to be difficult. Getting laid the first night I meet a woman usually isn’t hard (at a bar, at a party, through a friend) , but for some reason when the night is structured as a date women seem to have their guard up, and seem determined not to look like whore.

Gambler from Pua Training sent me some tips for getting some pussy the first date. Which is really a great goal since it will ultimately save you a lot of money on dinners and movies… By the way, if you haven’t checked out his site I would recommended it. Its filled with live videos which are always fun to watch.

Closing on the First Date by Richard La Ruina

1. Meet at Night, Near Your House

I have an advantage here, because I live in central London near all the best bars, restaurants and clubs. But you’re bound to have a decent venue within a short taxi ride of your place. Pick that for the date. When you call her, tell her that she can come with you for a drink at a nice place you know. Plan the meeting for sometime after dinner. Timing the date at night should be obvious – have you ever had a coffee shop date where the sexual tension and excitement has just fizzled out over an hour or two of boring conversation? I know I have.

2. Treat Her Like Your Girlfriend

When you meet up, give her a big hug and kiss her on the cheek. Then take her hand, put your arm around her, or walk arm-in-arm. Act exactly like her boyfriend – women love men taking initiative like this. You might be thinking that this is a bit forward, but you need to keep one thing clear at all times: if she’s met you for a date, she fancies you. FACT. She’ll be comfortable as long as you are. Lead her to the venue if you didn’t meet her there already.

3. Get Comfortable, Don’t Let the Tension Slip Away

Once you are in the bar, sit down within touching distance of her. Don’t leave a big space between you and try to make sure you’re not sitting opposite each other across a table. You’re going to need to be able to touch her. What do you talk about? The conversation should be aimed at making connections with her. Mix in playful teasing and remember to fire off some sexual looks (check my previous emails for how to do this). This will mix things up nicely and ensure the sexual tension remains.

4. The Extraction

Okay. It’s going well. You need to get her out of the bar and into your bed. If the bar closes at 11pm, it’s easy – just tell her you should go somewhere else for a change of scene. If the bar is still open, tell her you want to go somewhere else and throw in a reason – the bar is too noisy, too crowded, whatever comes to mind. Lead her outside and head towards your house. As you walk, keep the conversation going about whatever you were talking about. She will be distracted until you reach the house. Sneaky, huh?

5. The Objection

You’ll hit a bump in the road around about now in about ninety per cent of cases. When she realises you’ve taken her to your house, she will object. “Where are we?” “Why are we at your house?” Etc. Tell her that you want to show her something (a pet, some pictures, etc), or say that you remembered you had some nice wine so she can come in for a bit. Remember to tell her that you can’t stay up late because you have to be up early.

6. Smoothly Seduce

When you get into the house, let her sit down (I only have a bedroom and she can only sit on the bed!) Get her a drink and then sit a little bit away from her. Put some music on. Give her some space and some time to get comfortable. Tone down the sexuality a little bit (unless she is obviously raring to go). Give it some time then pay her a compliment and – using the tips I gave you in one of my earlier messages – move in and start kissing. Be slow and smooth, and then slowly work up. If she objects, just move back a step and keep things going.

I know this technique works because I’ve used it dozens of times. Got any questions? Ask me. And remember, this is the kind of thing we deal with on our bootcamp. We offer the only bootcamps including a female instructor – think how useful it is to have this information straight from the horse’s mouth (nb: she doesn’t look like a horse. She’s hot). If you’d like to know more about the bootcamps, drop me a line.


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