Eva Mendes Naked

I was watching an espide of HBO’s Real Sex with my girl last night. And it me. I mean I knew this, but as I watched women getting fucked by machines, taking blow job classes, have chococate sundae orgies, and visiting the Bunny Ranch for some girl on girl action I realized that girls want sex BAD. We as men take all the blame for being fuck hungry, but when its all said and done I believe that women want it even more than men.

What does this mean to you? It means don’t appologize for your desire. Don’t be embarrassed of your desire. The girl has the same exact desire (if she’s over 25 probably even more of a desire) If you shun your desire and hide it and reject it, she’ll be inclined to do the same thing. If you embrace your desire, welcome it, and fulfill it, she’ll be inclined to follow.

And now for some unrelated random pictures of hot girls in different stages of undress- Here’s Eva Mendes from her latest Maxim Magazine shoot. She is sure to inspire all you Latina lovers out there!

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