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3 Quick Tips For Taking It To A Sexual Level

Mondays suck.. I always have so much I want to talk about but so little time to write.. So I’ll hold my stories for later in the week and today I’ll just pass on a quick piece of advice that Gambler from Pua Training just sent me. This is especially good for guys who find that they keep winding up in the friend zone. By the way, Gambler has a new book selling on Amazon called the Natural Art of Seduction. It written similiar to Neil Strauss’s The Game, for those of you who were fans.

Taking to a Sexual Level by Richard La Ruina

1. Don’t Talk To Her Like She’s Your Friend

If you talk to her about petty problems or just stick to fluff and small talk, you won’t give yourself any way to introduce sexual tension. You create sexual tension by using conversations which challenge or tease her or makes her feel emotions. It’s a really good tip to challenge her to prove herself to you – you want to put yourself into the frame of being the prize, and requiring her to jump through your hoops rather than the other way around. She should feel that she should be trying to win your approval.

Teasing her is a great way to escalate things to a sexual plateau. Anything where she is playfully hitting you and laughing at the same time is excellent – a very strong sign. And make her feel emotions. Make her talk about her passions, things she desires, and times when she’s been in love.

2. Touch Her In The Right Way

Touching is a PUA’s secret weapon. It’s lethal and you need to know how to use it appropriately. You need to know how to use it properly, too – a friend will touch her on the arm when they are talking, she’ll hug her, she’ll kiss on the cheek when they meet. If you do these things and expect to make her feel something it probably isn’t going to work. You need to touch her in a different way. There are two ways to escalate touching – sexual touching and playful touching. Playful touching includes things like tickling her, poking her, play-fighting, picking her up, and bumping against her as you walk. She will feel pretty safe with this but it will still creates some sexual tension.

Sexual escalation is more effective because it is less ambiguous: hold her hand (use an excuse of looking at her rings or bracelets or nails if you need to); put your arm around her, touch her hair (likewise, use an excuse). These things are things that lovers do, and friends don’t. You’ll need to use a combination of these touches to shift out of the friend zone.

3. Be Seductive

By now you should know what to talk about and how to touch her, but you’re missing an important piece of the puzzle. You need to act in a seductive manner. Someone acting like her friend won’t be able to encourage her to think sexual thoughts. You need to prompt her. The elements to focus on are:

  • You need to hold strong eye contact.
  • You should slow down your speech and deepen your voice.
  • You should look at her like you want her.
  • Look at her lips and leave pauses where you just look at each other. If she’s comfortable with that or if she looks at you in a seductive fashion, it’s on! Go for it.

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