Daily Inspiration: Ryan Giles Scores Lindsay Lohan?

This story just proves that timing, proximity, and the ability to take advantage of an opportunity that God presents you with is everything in life. Ryan Giles, a nobody drug addict snowboarder, gets high one too many times, maybe gets arrested, and then is sent to rehab… and the next thing he knows he’s on the cover of every celebrity gossip tabloid out there, be paraded around as Lindsay Lohan’s new boy toy.

Sure, Ryan could have been depressed, sat around jonesing for coke, and fretting about being stuck in rehab, but instead this guy brought his A game and was lucky enough to share a month in rehab with Lindsday Lohan. Talk about taking advanatage of an opportunity.

I’m a firm believer that we are all presented with opportunities like this throughout our lives and it is our God given duty to make things happen when they come around. I know that when I run into Brittney Spears one night at a club somewhere I’m going to bring that fat washed up slutty box of goodness back to my place and give her an old fashioned Bobby Rio pounding she deserves!!!

Just in case you’re not convinced how lucky this guy is check out these recent pics of Lindsay Lohans fantastic titties!!

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