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Okay, my Halloween party has come and gone… I’m happy to say that Volley Ball Girl didn’t show up and make a scene. This is 10th year in a row that we’ve thrown a Halloween Party and its never failed to be a success. What else can you ask for? Drunk girls dressed in skimpy outfits, a fun mood, alchohol to lubricate the flow of the evening… I’ve always had great luck hooking up on Halloween.. I’m just pissed it only comes once a year. It really has become my favorite holiday.

This advice that the Mystery Method has sent over might be a little late for those of you who hit up Halloween Parties last weekend, but its just in time for those of you who are heading out tonight or this weekend for the parties..

Halloween is for children dressed up as ghosts, right? Only partly

Its also for people to meet each other in a way that’s different from any other night of the year. New Year’s Eve is the only other night that comes close.

More and more, at least in North America, women have been using Halloween less as a reason to wear a costume than as a way to dress and act with more sexuality than they normally would, without social repercussions.

Remember, women are judged negatively by other women when they appear easy. However, when the other women in the group are doing something, then it becomes socially okay. That’s why, for example, a woman may be reluctant to kiss or get sexual with you if her friend is nearby. Unless, of course, her friend is doing the same thing

This isn’t odd? it’s completely normal and consistent with female psychology in the modern world. We go into this in a lot more detail in the third chapter of Magic Bullets. An understanding of what really drives male and female sexual behavior is crucial. If you haven’t internalized how female psychology and attraction triggers really work in modern society, then for the most part you will be a laborer, not a craftsman. As a laborer, you can make progress as you learn new things, new theories, routines, etc., but as a craftsman you can understand how it all works and make it your own.

Back to Halloween. Don’t expect to see many women dressed as witches in full-length unrevealing robes. Expect to see more emphasis on sex, and less on costume. So what? You can go to nightclubs all the time and find women in revealing outfits all the time, right? Well, there’s a difference here:

  • It’s not just the women who are used to dressing this way who are doing it. Most women are.
  • A lot of women will dress in a highly-revealing way for nightclubs. On Halloween, they’ll do it at bars, house parties, and big events.
  • It gets taken to a new level. Even in Hollywood, women aren’t wearing bikinis to clubs. They do wear the equivalent on Halloween

If that were all, you’d probably be saying Well, that’s nice Savoy. But I don’t want to just look at beautiful women; I want to [verb] them. [This is the fill in your own verb portion of the OAP.] Which leads me to my next point

Clothes influence behavior. If you come to work for me and you put on a well-pressed suit in the morning, you will feel and likely act more professional. The U.S. military, which doesn’t tend to mess around or follow fads, insists on well-pressed, clean, and somewhat formal uniforms. That’s the psychological principle. So if you’ve been following along, you know where I’m going with this:

On Halloween, women will be more conscious of their sexuality; they will feel and act sexier.

I realize that none of this helps you actually [verb] any of these women. So let’s get to that now:

  • Choose your outfit. Don’t bother with an elaborate costumer, and definitely don’t bother with scary. The guy in the Frankenstein mask is probably not meeting women. After all, he’s Frankenstein. You have one of two choices here:
  • Pick a stereotype. Dress like someone who has women in his life. For example, a rockstar or a specific celebrity who women think is sexy. You can do this in a way that allows for some fun role-play. Being a pimp may not be the greatest strategy to meet desirable women the other 364 days of the year, but on Halloween, it can be magic. Brad Ps Fashion Bible is the resource for sexy stereotypes
  • Show off. You can ignore fashion and just be sexy. If you have a nice body, wear a shirt that’s tighter than you normally would. Or dress 70’s style. Dress like a rockstar without saying that your costume is a rockstar. It’s OK these days for your costume not tobe anything.
  • Situational openers are OK. Normally, I try to steer men away from situational openers. Situational openers are when the first thing you say to a woman relates to the specific environment in which you and a woman find yourself, e.g. ‘the music’s really loud in here, isn’t it? or that’s a nice purse, where did you get it?’ Generally, you should stay away from these unless your game is advanced and you know what you’re doing. [If you’re determined to use them, Chapter 5 of Magic Bullets or CD#1 of the Advanced Interview Series explain how.] One of the reasons we discourage people from using them is that a woman is likely to have heard any situational comment thousands of times before. On Halloween, this isn’t as much of a problem. She’s never worn that costume before, so your witty remark might well be original to her. Extra tip: if you’re going to open with a comment or question about costumes, make it about someone else’s not yours (seems to too try-hard) and not hers (demonstrates interest too early).
    • Have a plan. You can go to a bar or a club, but house parties are better. Know about a couple of them in advance. Some won’t have interesting available women. Don’t listen to what anyone else says? make sure you have backups. And make sure you are able to get from one to another (if you have a car, don’t be drinking; prepare your friends for the idea that you’re out to meet people). No one at parties is more than a degree or two of separation from anyone else, so people are generally friendlier and more comfortable with each other. Plus parties tend to have easily-accessible private areas; a lot of clubs don’t.
    • Prepare to move. Don’t let the dying-down of the party surprise you. Have a plan on where you and the women you have been talking to can go (a late night diner, an after-party at your place, etc.). Jumping locations is a crucial skill to master. It can be done effortlessly, and give you wonderful results. It can be done awkwardly, when a woman will come but she will feel uncomfortable. Or it can fail, in which case you may have lost a lot of ground. .
    • Play off the sexiness vibe, but don’t make assumptions. Sure, women will feel and act sexier on Halloween, but in a woman’s conscious mind, this is still about fun and teasing. Don’t make assumptions about her from the way she dresses (this applies outside of Halloween too). So the sexual vibe and role-play can help you in opening and in attraction, but don’t count on it to help you reach one of the four-letter verbs.

    Some good advice from the boys at Mystery Method… I have another party to go to this Friday, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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