Tanning Salons Are a Great Pick-Up Locale

Okay, I admit it. On occasion Bobby frequents a tanning salon. I used to think it was a little gay, but having some color really makes a difference in how you look.? I’m not talking about turning orange like some of the clown that I see in the clubs… I just mean looking healthy.? Plus its pretty relaxing laying down in those beds.. a great place to catch a nap. But anyway, let me get to the point.

Tanning salons are a great place to pick up chicks. Have you ever gone tanning?? If you have you know that there are hotties walking in left and right.? Its fucking amazing.. but if you think about it… most hot chicks are tan.. And its November so they ain’t lying on the beach!!!

There is a lot of tail at the tanning salons.? If I had some throwaway money I’d open one up.. I always said a hair salon, would be a great pussy getting business.. But tanning might have it beat!

Here’s an idea… Set up an appoitment at one of the crowded popular salons in your area.? Then show up a half hour early so that you have to wait in the lobby.? Enjoy the show and watch the hotties parade in.? Then MAN UP and start opening some of these girls.? The great thing about opening girls in a salon is that their defence mechanism is way down. Most people WANT to have a nice conversation to kill some time while they wait.? If you still have no idea how to start a conversation that flows naturall you need to check out Master the Vibe.

Hey, maybe you’ll even get lucky and she’ll ask you to rub some tanning lotion on her.

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