In Brazil You Buy Guys the Drinks

Its late.  I’m drunk. I’m going to make this short.  I’m here alone on a semi business trip in Fortaleza Brazil.  There are several 50 year old business men I could be hanging with. I choose not to.  Instead I hit the town alone.  In the US this would be a desperate act.  In Brazil its not.  Let me explain.

Everyone is trying to sell me something.  They all recognize me as a “gringo” which makes me either a target or an ally.  I choose to make myself an ally.  So when Brazilian men come by an try to sell me stupid suvenier stuff, I make friends with them.  Neither of us speak one another’s language but it doesn’t matter.  We both want something from eachother.

They want my prestige, my money, my alchohol.  I want their women.  It is an equal exchange.  I buy them beers all night.  Food if they get hungry.  They are my translators.  Their goal is to introduce me to women.  They like this job.  Every local wants to been seen  as being friends with the foreginers.

Tonight it works out perfectly.  I have business eary Saturday.  I avoid the clubs, discos, bars, and instead sit at an outdoor cafe along the ocean.  Within minutes of sitting a local guy tries to sell me a talking fish.I wave him away. He wants to chat.  I tell him I’m Canadian (never say US in these time.  He sits. I offer him a beer.  We drink and chat in broken english- broken Portugeuese.

He notices me staring at a bleach blonde young fine smoking hot Brasilada.  He waves her over.  She speaks no english.. me no portuguese.  He translates.  My game is good enough to overcome language barriers. She wants me to come to club Maciupe with her.  I’ve been to Maciupe several years ago. It is a giant club.  There is no way I can go there and get up for business at 8 am.  I get her phone number.  Tomorrow I am meeting her at a Mcdonalds close to my hotel at 4pm. She is gorgeous.  She will most likely fuck me within a few days.

I love Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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