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I’m finally back from Brazil and will be putting the final touches on the conclusion to Fortaleza Nights soon.  The trip took a lot out of me but I just wanted to go over some things we have planned here at the Bible.

  1. We are looking to create a bigger community of people discussing all topics regarding pick up, women, travel, sex, seduction, and anything else your heart desires to talk about.  To try and kick start this we will be doing some things to promote the inflow of comments and feedback and questions.  First of all, if you noticed, we added a top commentors section to the blog. This will highlight all of those who have been making noise on the blog.  It will also provide a link to any website you’d like with your name.  Besides that, we’ve added Comment Luv to our comments sextion.  This plugin will automatically pull the feed from your latest blog post to display under your name.  Finally, over the next couple months we will be rewarding bi-weekly top commentor prizes to the users who leave the most comments on the blog. Of course we are looking for quality comments only that add insight to each post and open up discussion to help all of our readers get the most out of each post.
  2. Beginning Tuesday of this week we will be running a “Most Memorable Pick Up” series in which Bloggers from some of our favorite PUA related blogs, as well as some authors and instructors will be presenting stories highlighting their most memorable pick up.  To coincide with these stories we are offering a prize to our reader to submits the best “Most Memorable Pick Up” story.  The most memorable story prize will be a choice of 1 of 5 Popular audio courses from some of the great instructors.  Please use the “contact us form” to submit your story.
  3. We are looking for other suggestions for ways to improve this blog Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or advice below on what you would like to see us do differently, do more of , do less of, or change.  Don’t hold back.  We won’t be offended!!



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