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Christian Hudson’s “Most Memorable Pick-up Story”

The first in our series of “most memorable pick-ups” comes from Master the Vibe creator Christian Hudson. This story is great for all of you guys interested in day dame!

My First Day Time Pick Up by Christian Hudson

There’s a wad of 800 pounds sterling in my pocket. This is the balance that three clients have paid for Charisma Arts’ first bootcamp in London. The company is just Juggler and I at this point, and the only reason I’m here is because we had one extra clients sign up at the last minute. But I’m not complaining. Its unseasonably warm and sunny for London in March, and it sure beats my Friday afternoon classes at University of Michigan.We’ve convened in Covent Garden, and our meeting spot is the front of an open air market where tourists browsing for tchotchkies. A street performer entertains a crowd in the distance, and I realize that I’m about to teach men how to pick up women.

This wouldn’t have been a problem, except that I’ve never before picked up a woman in the daytime. In fact, I’ve never even stopped a woman on the street to ask her the time. But there’s a bulge of cash in my pocket that represents otherwise. This should be interesting.

Juggler pairs of with one client and I take the other two. We spend a few minutes getting to know each other, discussing the mechanics of day game (which I’m making up on the fly), and talking about approach anxiety. One of my clients is ok at approaching girls, but the other one has severe anxiety about talking to strangers at all. Perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone.

“Guys, listen. The key to overcoming approach anxiety is to detach yourself from the outcome. If you’re ok with failing, the anxiety starts to go away. So I want you to pick a girl at random, and I’m going to go totally screw things up with her.”

I figure this will give me some time and leeway. Worth a shot, right?

It sounds good to the clients (anything that gets them out of having to approach always sounds good to clients). As they point to a girl crossing the sqaure, it is then that I realize that they are sadists. The target is a tall brunnette, beautiful features, with a confident and determined stride. She is wearing a dark suit with a ruffled white shirt, cut just low enough for her to get away with it at a bank where the partners all have crushes on her. She’s in a hurry.


I begin to walk towards her at a pace slightly slower than hers. As I get to within about ten feet of her I stop.

“Excuse me!”

She slows.

Me: “Are you single?”

I’ve heard this line before, can’t remember where, but there’s no way this is going to…

Her: “Yes”

Oh shit! What do I say now?

Me: “Uh, because you’re quite beautiful. I’d love to call you sometime.”

That should do the trick. Here comes the rejection.

Her: “Interesting… you are very interesting.”

Wait a minute… I can do this! I detect a French accent. I speak French!

Me: “Ou est-ce que tu vas?” (where are you off to?)

Two minutes later I had her number and plans to see her that night. My clients were stunned. I had to reassure them that it was all planned.

“What, you thought I was really going to let you guys see me getting rejected? Pashaw.”

In looking back on that day and that approach and trying to figure out what was working for me, I realized that it was my utter lack of fear, and the positive energy that came from being in a new place and doing a new thing, that came through when I spoke to her. I had a great vibe; the words meant little.

Since then, I’ve come to know women I’d only dreamed of in the past. I’ve met and dated students, lawyers, Playmates, international models, famous musicians, you name it. But no approach I’ve ever done reminds me of the power of good energy and positive thinking like the first approach of the first daytime bootcamp I ever taught.

On the Conversations Starter disc in the Master the Vibe starter kit, you can hear me performing this opener with a hidden mic on a model in New York. Its been about three years since I did it the first time, and its a little smoother these days.

~ Christian

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