Pick-Up Artists vs. Players

People always assume that because I run a site on pick-up that I consider myself a pick-up artist. I don’t. I will never pretend that I have the “perfect” method of opening, attraction building, comfort building, and ultimately scoring a number or bouncing with the girl. I am nowhere near Mystery’s level of running sets in bars and clubs. I don’t get laid every time I go out. I am not obsessed with my performance and don’t break down every part of my delivery. No, I am not a pick up artist.

What I do consider myself is a player. What makes me a player? For one, I’ve slept with far more attractive girls than most people I know. And I’ve done it on my terms. Because of my understanding of “the game” I’ve been able to keep girls interested in sleeping with me long after they’ve realized I will not make a good boyfriend. Although I can not pull a girl every night I go out, there hasn’t been a weekend in 5 years that I haven’t had at least one girl to call for “late night sex.”

So why do I think I’ve been such a successful player:

  1. I know how to seduce a woman. Getting a phone number in a bar is a small step to getting laid. Sure, it makes you feel good about yourself, but if you can’t eventually score with the girls, it means nothing. I may not get a number every time I go out, but when I do -you can be damn sure I’ll get her. Seduction is ultimately about getting the girl to want to sleep with you. I do this by keeping her interested through playing hot and cold, push/pull, escalating properly through flirting and kino, and making the smooth transition to sex.
  2. I make no promises. Many guys can seduce a girl. But most guys will get seduced themselves in the process, and wind up with a girlfriend. I know full well that there are plenty of available girls out there, and it takes a whole lot for me to fall for a girl. So while I’m in the process of seducing her I will never lead her to believe this will turn into anything more than ” a good time” When a girl asks me “What is this?” I don’t lie. I tell them exactly what it is;”a good time.” Most girls will accept this. The ones that don’t I let go.
  3. I fuck them right. The reason that most girls will accept that I’m not going to become their next boyfriend, and yet still fuck me, is because I’m making them cum. They enjoy fucking me and aren’t willing to give it up. Girls love sex as much or more than we do. This something that most guys seem not to understand. And when you’re fucking a girl right, keeping her interested through push/pull, and actually fun to be around, this is a rare combo for girls to find, and they will put up with a lot of bullshit to keep it going.

These are the three traits of a good player. Sure a good player needs to be able to be good at pick-up. But he doesn’t need to be great. I’m sure that there are plenty of great Pick-up Artist who won’t see the amount of ass I’ve had in their entire lifetime.

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