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8 Keys to Mastering Your Look


Creating Your own ImageYesterday I wrote a post called “Creating Your Image in High School.” While the post was part of my “How to be Popular in High School” Series, it is just as relevant for people of all social scenes.

Today, I got a short article from Stephen Nash, author of How to get a girlfriend, about mastering your look. I thought it was an appropriate time to post the article, as it reinforces a lot of what I talked about yesterday, and gives some useful hints that I left out. He gives a nice little outline to help you become your own image consultant.

8 Keys to Mastering Your Look by Becoming Your Own Image Consultant by Stephen Nash

No. 1: Go to a mirror and notice your body language. And ask yourself what does it communicate? You might even involve a friend. It could be male or female – if it’s a guy that you like to go out with, fine; if you have a female friend, fine. Ask them to help you here, because you might not be the best judge.

No. 2: What body type are you? Thin, medium build, muscular, or are you overweight? Try to keep this answer simple.

No. 3: Thumb through a men’s magazine, and ask yourself which fashion ads grab your attention and why? What about the look of the men in the picture grabs your attention? This is important in order to see what stimulates your imagination. What it is that you might begin to feel great wearing?

No. 4: Imagine a scenario where you are successful in the workplace or in your career. And ask yourself what is it that you are wearing in that image? How is your posture, what is your vibe? Are you confident and assured? Are you meek and timid? Be honest with yourself and write this down.

No. 5: Imagine a scenario where you are going out on the town with the woman of your dreams. You’re arm in arm, headed to a concert perhaps, or a show. You are both very comfortable and happy with each other. What are you wearing, how is your posture, what is your vibe? Again, is it confident and assured, meek and timid? Something else/something in-between? Write it down.

No. 6: Use your imagination to determine what type of look you picture yourself in. Is it casual? Dressed up in suits? Is it
preppy? Dressed down perhaps in the latest street-wear? Consider your day-to-day life, and what image you need to project to fulfill your aims. See yourself successfully achieving these goals and notice the look you embody. That one is HUGE. If you have any impressions or images of yourself as you read this, I would encourage you to examine those and look into them and see how far you can take that.

No. 7: Consider the roles that you play daily that impact your style. Are you an executive, student, a DJ? These are common sense. If you’re stuck, think of someone whose clothes you like, someone that you think dresses stylishly and conveys the right things with their look. At the same time look at yourself and be honest. Will this work for you?

You know, I personally love the way Mick Jagger dresses, but I can’t imagine myself wearing his clothing out in my daily life.
That just wouldn’t be intelligent, so you’ve got to be smart here. That’s obviously an extreme example, but I think it communicates a point.

And then lastly…

No. 8: Who do you look like? Ask yourself; do you look like Mick Jagger? Do you look like Tom Cruise? Do you look like a friend of yours? Do you have a similar body type as he? Does your hair kind of mirror each other’s in some way? Take a look at that. Examine that. See what looks good on those body types, and then maybe adapt that to your own look.

A friend of mine was recently approached by someone who said that he looked like Pierce Brosnan. This guy kept getting people coming up to him saying ‘You look like Pierce Brosnan… You remind me of Pierce Brosnan’. So, what did he do? He looked at photographs of Pierce Brosnan, and didn’t exactly mirror his style necessarily, but did take on certain looks that he wore, even in Bond films, but certainly publicity photos of him coming in and out of theatres.

He took on some of his looks, which looked GREAT.

If you enjoyed these articles I would recommend picking up a copy of his book How to Get a Girlfriend. He goes much further into these concepts… and of course gives away many secrets he’s been holding out on in the free articles.

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  1. damien

    December 28, 2007 at 9:38 am

    These posts on image have made me realize there are certain aspects of my image im not paying enough attention to

    we all laugh at the metrosexual guys… but those guys are getting laid (many of them anyway) and they put a lot of time into getting dressed. I probably don’t put a third of the time in. Maybe if I put a little more time and effort in it could put me over the top.

    Im average looking guy. never really considered good looking.. but since I’ve been studying pick up I’ve been scoring girls I never could have got before… i’m thinking if i fix my image a little it could put me over the top!

  2. Ha$h

    December 28, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    You definitely want to dress to impress. I had this realization one day when I was walking around at my college, I looked at everyone and they all looked the same, they were wearing the same shit. Then I looked at myself, and I was wearing the same shit as they were. After that point I went out to TJ Maxx and got 10 NICE button up shirts, a couple pairs of nice jeans and a few really nice sweaters for real cheap. Even if I had a shitty morning class at 9:30 I’d still dress up and to be honest it takes the same amount of time to put on nice clothes as it does shitty clothes. I’m pretty sure Mystery said this and it’s most definitely true

    “If you are not getting complimented on your clothes then you need to change what you are wearing, NOW”

    Did I get compliments on what I was wearing after I changed my wardrobe? Absolutely. Girl’s noticed, and guys noticed. Compliments do wonders for your confidence too. At first you may get questions like “Why you all dressed up where are you going?” Soon those will fade and you will just be known for dressing hot and looking fly.

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