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Introductions Anyone?

So, I’m saving the whole “Breakup and New Years fiasco story” for when I get back from a ski trip I’m going on this weekend. Its a good story and I want to give it the proper time to include all the necessary back story that makes it so fucked up. Plus I’m heading up to Lake Placid’s White Face with two friends and a gaggle of college girls… No time to dwell in the past at the moment!

With the recent influx of comments that we’ve seen I thought maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to introduce ourselves to each other.. No real names of course. That way we can get a better idea where we all are in terms of skill level, experience, sticking points, and shit. It might make it easier to help each other out. Sort of like the intro Mystery has everyone do at his boot camps.

For instance.. I’m Bobby Rio. And I’m a sexaholic. No seriously, my story began in 1998 when I stumble upon Ross Jeffries while in the mist of an unhappy relationship back in college. Like a good friend I introduced my pal Mike Stoute and another friend-who is in politics and would like to remain nameless. I soon dumped my miserable GF. I wasn’t into Ross’s NLP stuff… although from the few times I used it I saw that it worked… it really wasn’t my style. I’ve always been more of the cocky/funny type and felt weird spouting out NLP patterns. But I thought Ross’s self confidence and attitude stuff was gold.

Over the next year I came into my own with women. I was getting laid left and right. Can’t attribute it all to Ross Jeffries as I was in college and had created a nice social scene for myself. Life was good. Then I fucked it all up my falling for a girl named Beth. She was the pinnacle of what I wanted at the time… Extremely well known, hot, homecoming queen, had most of my friends drooling… so I made her my girlfriend. I rode that wave the rest of college. (I cringe when I think of all the hot college ass I missed out on) When college ended so did our relationship.

Only now I was out of college, and was no longer Master of the Universe. I fell into a slump I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It was a combination of self pity, depression, and having been out of the game so long, but it all added up to many nights jerking off to The HUN.

One night, with my dick in my hand cruising the internet for good porn, I decided to Google Ross Jeffries and see if I could find something to motivate me. My search opened me up to a whole new world. I ordered several books right away.. Double Your Dating was the first I remember reading. But I went on to read just about everything out there.

My progression was pretty fast. I must say that I’ve always been the partying type and that has helped me take advantage of and rule every social scene I’ve entered. But it was the knowledge of women that put me over the top.

I stopped counting girls I’ve slept with back in college, but my number is probably somewhere between 70-100.

My sticking point is phone game. I hate talking on the phone. I hate calling girls. I’ve probably fucked up quite a few good leads because I was too bothered to make the call and deal with the chitchat.

Any pointers for me?

How bout your stories?


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