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6 Gestures for Expressing Non Verbal Communication

As you all know 2nd place in this months commenter contest is Derek Vitalio’s classic audio program Non Verbal Sexual Cuing. Derek’s program goes into great lengths to teach the fundamental of sending under cover sexual signals that will let a girl know “that you’re money and you want to party.”

I got this email from Chase Amante of The Approach, and it is a short little piece of different forms of non verbal communication. Chase gives six examples of non verbal communication you can implement immediately. These examples are more geared toward expressing your playful confident side rather than your sexual side, but nonetheless they are still good and worth implementing.

6 Non Verbal Gestures for Immediate Use by Chase Amante

1. Eyebrow shrug. Not everyone can do this, but most folks can. Raising both eyebrows can be used to show a number of different moods and expressions. An eyebrow shrug can signify that a person is surprised, or is expecting a response – it can almost be used as a dare or challenge. A quick, subtle shrug of the eyebrows (sometimes held longer) can also be used to express interest. It is often done subconsciously by both men and women – you can shrug your eyebrows at her to let her know you’re interested, or make a note when she shrugs hers at you, because she’s interested too.

2. Wink (one eye). A favorite of television rakes and seducers, the wink is nonetheless a fantastic means of communication. It’s sufficiently mysterious that it gets girls wondering, and shows a strong degree of social confidence and awareness on your part. The wink is a great way to respond to a woman when she asks you a question you don’t feel like answering if she’s giving you a hard time…

3. Slow, hard blink (two eyes). This is an easy and effective way of communicating disbelief, as in, “Did you actually just say
that?” Two versions: in one, you are looking away and to the right when you open your eyes. This is the version that puts more social pressure on the girl (to qualify herself or retract a remark). In the other, you are looking straight at the girl when you open your eyes – this is the more playful (still with some social pressure) version.

4. Squint. The squint is a way of saying that you are thinking about something, or alternatively that you doubt the truth or
accuracy of something that is being said. If you look at a woman and squint, it can seem like you are sizing her up and trying to decide if you like her a lot. You will see that many men who are good with women squint while they are talking to them. It helps to place them in the position of being the slightly skeptical selector.

5. Ultra-skpetical look. This is when you look at a woman like she just said the most retarded thing you’ve ever heard. Basically, you pull your lips into a half-smile (with one side of your mouth), while kind-of laughing/huffing in a “I can’t believe she said that” way, and simultaneously shrugging your eyebrows. You hold this look and stare at her until she gives into the social pressure.

6. Shoulder shrug. A very simple, nonchalant way of shrugging off a question you don’t especially want to answer or responding to a silly remark. Be sure to shrug your shoulders only a little bit; dramatic shoulder shrugging is on the tryhard side.

Can you guys think of any others to add to this list?

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