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As I am sure you can tell, I am an avid mobile phone geek. People talk about phones and gadgets being great props, but it goes way deeper than that. Mobile phones are now becoming status symbols in every day life. I can usually tell a decent amount about a person by looking at their mobile phone. The condition, covers, model, you would be surprised. I mean its something that most people carry around every day of their lives.

These new “status symbols” have many ways you can peacock them. Ringtones are probably the stronger of the bunch as funny or cool ringtones can ignite eye contact and smile for an easy opener.

So I have decided to give away some ringtones. Each of these will be highly recognizable and either make you/them laugh or at least smile. Then you can deliver a funny “pre-opener” statement that you can use to gauge how approachable she might be towards an opener/routine.

The first ringtone I leave you with is Beverly hills cop movie jungle. If you spot a girl laughing/smiling when you answer the phone, you answer something like “detective Axel Foley here” while smiling at her. Then use her reaction from the pre-opener to gauge approachability.

Just make sure the person calling us someone you can joke around with 😉 they might be a little confused, ya know.

Click the link at the bottom labeled with the post title to download it.

Mike Stoute

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Peacocking with your phone – ringtone

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