Simple Ways To Escalate

I try to stay current with all the different styles of teachings out there on the subject of pickup and seduction. I always like to pass along the best of what I find.

Big Send turned me onto Ideagasms a couple months back. They put an interesting twist on seduction, as their founder, Stephane is into some new age ideas… He incorporates a lot of the principles of yoga and meditation and incorporates them into his personal style. His stuff won’t be for everyone, but I thought I would give you a taste of his writing.

This is an article he wrote in response to a question he was asked about “how to create a sexual vibe?”

How to Escalate Physically with Women by Stephane

Don’t waste your time trying to convey a “Sexual Vibe” because you’ll be seen as creepy.

Escalation, don’t think of it as a “sexual vibe”, that could place weird unnecessary pressures on yourself for no reason…

Once you discover than you like a girl, and she likes you, just start being CUDDLY with her, and hugging her whenever
she says something good, placing her on your lap, saying, “C’mere!” and pulling her into you, and so on.

It’ll then take care of itself.

My favorite “escalation” move is to whisper things into a girls ear. Like really softly, slowly, so it makes her spine tingle.

“Oh, you LIKE… the Dodgers.. better… than the Rangers…”

You can talk about ANYTHING if you whisper it her ear.

Watch girls go INSANE at this.

Their back will arch, they’ll giggle like crazy, they’ll have goosebumps, and the clitty will tingle.

Try it, you’ll like it and so will the women in your life.

Many Blessings,


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